“Facebook . . . A New Marketing Tool for Generation Y”

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Almost all of us are on facebook now and most of us addicted . . . fortunately or unfortunately. This addiction could have some negative consequences as well, though such chances almost diminish for marketing students who often find it useful for persuasive advertising and creating awareness regarding some new course project. Similarly, with everything going online, facebook is aggressively being used for project and exam reminders by students through cheerful and upset status updates, while school notice boards are hardly paid heed to these days . . . Well, the most resplendent notices to attract attention are those displayed in ‘Red’ which again is an orthodox way of paving way to negative reinforcement. But does that mean students would discontinue their orthodox ways of being notorious? I guess not . . . Education or discipline might not modify a person at all.

Other than putting up banners on campus, marketing students prefer ‘haunting’ profiles through high doses of event reminders throughout the day which again is a good thing in terms of creating brand familiarity if  not brand conviction because in order to have established the latter aspect of a brand it needs to have existed in the market for quite sometime to gain maturity. Furthermore, students replace their own pictures with the main project or event poster and all you have on your profile is . . . well . . . ‘hauntings’ again till the day it actually gets executed. One of the many benefits that can be availed is making your facebook friends know by heart the nature of the project and it’s execution date, even those who are bad at remembering dates would know, no matter how inefficient they were at ‘Pakistan Studies’ or History in school. Some of such students feel no shame flaunting off their ‘not so good grade’ for a parrot fashion learning subject but now Facebook is here to embed event dates in there Hippocampus (part of brain responsible for memory retention and storage) and it sure won’t be erased.

In the wake of such happenings on Facebook and at school, memory retention is profound to the extent of even making us dream about peer events and it really does happen. Halfway through the semester we start getting nightmares related to our and other class’s events and at times the teaching who has been teaching that particular course. Therefore, there is no way this marketing stance is weak at all, as long as there is Facebook, persuasive and aggressive advertising shall prevail.

Moreover, you would know that your Facebook addiction is getting stronger and stronger when everything you think and see becomes your status update and at times excruciating for friends . .  .  also when your mom thinks you have been working when all that time you had been logged on to facebook sharing videos, poking friends and commenting on their statuses . . .

In a business school what some might call ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ is something that could more precisely be coined as ‘peer respect’, that is, it becomes a give and take situation when students attend each others events or make sure they are participating in each other’s projects. It’s a matter of straight rebuy or something that could most readily be related to habitual buying behaviour to survive through our marketing courses. Ironically, these  courses often revolve around selling tickets only and during some instances an entire  gang of students gets together at entrances to surround others and sell the tickets somehow or the other, here Facebook might not be of much help, physical presence is.  However, while recalling marketing and Facebook together, those not related to the project end up surrendering to posts and start endorsing it themselves to further facilitate word of mouth or buzz marketing. . .

Having participated in marketing projects also reveals yours and the other person’s inner self and true potential . . . if you learn something in a business school that would be recognising people and personalities, something Facebook might not be of much help for. It’s marketing that teaches alot for your way ahead in the corporate world . . .

Hiba Moeen is a Marketing major from SZABIST and writes as a leisure activity whenever the writer's block is away ... She also writes for www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com and www.marketingmaniacs.net Suggestions and feedback are appreciated. Email: boneheadshire@gmail.com Twitter: @hibamoeen LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top Happy reading! :)

  • http://www.ublfunds.com Mohd. Atif Memon

    It is indeed, but how much longer will be free? and its frustrating havings ads on the side scroll, it slow down the web loading.
    is pmb with synergy?

  • http://www.google.com Amal Khalidi

    So cheap and easy!

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    Hello Amal and Atif,

    Thanks for the comments. Well, it indeed is an easy way for advertising our term projects and and helps us save additional costs that we could have incurred as a result of informing outsiders.

    Similarly, what could be annoying for quite a number of us is some marketing class’s most lucrative hope 🙂 and students can only hope for getting a good payback in the form of good grades if not profit . . .

    Well, I don’t know if Pak Media Blog is with Synergy, you an ask the editor, Mr. Sarosh Waiz about it.

  • Ati

    Mohd. Atif Memon Says:
    October 14th, 2009 at 5:46 am
    It is indeed, but how much longer will be free? and its frustrating havings ads on the side scroll, it slow down the web loading.
    is pmb with synergy?

    Kindly note i have not wrote this comments my email is used by someone kindly delete the post or as you wish

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    We can always hide such posts that annoy us . . .facebook has already been possessed by some of us 🙂
    I myself wonder Why I’m on facebook every day . . .

  • Atif Muhammad

    Hiba @……. I updated about the above comment not for face book.

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    oh ok

  • http://babarkj.blogspot.com Babar Javed

    are you referring to the Pakistani Marketing & Comm company?
    the Austrailian electric corporation?
    the beverage company?
    the airline?

    😀 just kidding!

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    hahahah . . . Babar what’s wrong with you? 🙂
    I think you have been too much into Marketing now . . .

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    Hi Zohaib,

    I don’t think FB would start charging because people like me got addicted, the fad in PLC peaked up and now we are kind of starting to get done . . . it’s all a matter of incentive.

    Well when was the last time I listened to music? ahhh well can’t recall it . . . what sort of music do you make lemme just check.

    The authors . . . well we work for PMB which happens to be witnessing alot of market penetration and development and is expanding in all ways possible and stretching too . .. 😀

  • http://babarkj.blogspot.com Babar Javed

    I think he meant what we do besides PMB

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    @ Babar: Really? So you mean besides the lucrative amount we make here? Oh common admit it, earning is not bad is it? Let people know we are expanding internationally as well . . . what’s the harm?

  • http://www.kids-in-mind.com MooMal

    Hiba your article is AMAZING, and so are you!

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    @ Babar: come on* I meant . . . pardon my eyes I’m still without glasses . . .

    @ Moomal: haha thanks . . . amazing really? lol . . . well it applies to both the services marketing sections isn’t it? 😀

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    They do mention something of the sort that specifies that they have the right to use your pictures that are uploaded. And inspite of all this, we still tend to share and upload pictures . . . yes it is violation .
    I personally feel Face Book is a waste of time, we shouldn’t be using it like addicts that’s the reason I now only visit the network to check and reply to posted comments . . . I did it you can do it too 😀

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    By the way, one should think twice before uploading the type pictures . . .

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    you should be careful about the words you use, just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean that one should get extremely expressive beyond the limits of decency . . .

  • http://babarkj.blogspot.com Babar Javed

    cat fight!

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    its not cat fight Babar . . . if a person is educated, education should be used for the good, not spamming or posting such comments. . .
    You think it’s entertainment?