Rebuilding Trust?

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Recent events have heightened the consumers need to control every little aspect of his life. Add in the lovely mix of social media tools and now he had the power to vent with millions around the globe. It gives them empowerment and best, instant voice. Consumer voice has significantly transformed along with any loyalty & relationship that once was between them and a company/brand. Tell yourself the glass is half full. See it as an opportunity, not a challenge.

You can start rebuilding trust by developing your social media strategy to allow your brand to engage with the customer and establish a framework for dialogue. Pull it off and you’ve got the best asset on your hand, an influential community to serve as the brand evangelist, ambassadors or advocates to shout loyalty from the rooftops.

Just remember the other side is getting smarter, they can tell when you’re about to or working your way towards a sell. Case in point, many famous YouTube Vloggers like Philip DeFranco & KevJumba have been accused of product placement and endorsement, Apple & Snickers respectively. Being authentic & helpful is your ticket to engage and build trust.

Babar Javed is Managing Director of Mission Centenarian, a health & fitness company founded in 2007, which comprises of a network of personal trainers in Karachi. He was most recently the chief marketing officer at Élan Guides & has worked with GlaxoSmithKline & UBL Fund Managers as well. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Marketing from SZABIST, his key interests lie in healthcare, education & green energy

Managing Director of Sociality360, Program Director of the Fat Torching Plan™ at BodyBeat Recreational Centre and believer in summoning eagles as a mode of transport to destroy rings instead of walking across provinces. Facebook: Twitter: @babarkj LinkedIn: Email:

  • Hiba Moeen

    hmmm article intéressant Babar. . . la chose est qu’un certain nombre d’entreprises tirent des médias sociaux comme un défi de nos jours, on peut rappeler ici la question de savoir Lays et Unilever.
    Voyez que je suis français en tapant quelque chose de français différent du gars qui tape anglais en français et les postes de nos articles. Maintenant, si vous le reconvertir en anglais, il se révèlent être du charabia. . . : D

  • Babar Javed

    Je suis d’accord, mais ils ont pour commencer à s’adapter à notre voix

  • Hiba Moeen

    Yes they should really start adapting to it. . .
    wenn sie nur verstehen konnte, wie wichtig dies ist

  • Babar Javed

    what the hell Reem, are you on Weed again? No I’m not, I left images 2 years ago, I thought you knew
    Thanks for the initial praise