‘Cherry-Pick-ism’ Is My Brand of Religion

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Talk about brand of religion! I say rather than calling mullahs extremists* we should call ourselves ‘Cherry-Pick-ists’. This term specifically means to follow what is easy part remaining heedless to the difficult bit. Just like the ripe cherries are plucked and the unripe ones are not, our religious conduct meets a similar fate.

This is a dilemma our secular society is facing, lack of soul searching has made us forget our shortcomings and concentrate on flaws of others. We need to understand here that people shouldn’t be labeled for following their religion with zeal and zest. The problem is that the more people follow Islam in an extremist way (i.e. adhering to the letter of the law), the more resistance will be faced by the supremacy of the corrupt.

Therefore slanderous remarks are passed against the pious, spin doctors, think tanks and propagandists thanks to their mass influence create a way of thinking in which freedom is slavery, truth is hypocrisy, democracy is politics, economy is capitalism, prostitution is sexual working, permeating the system in such a way where a person is guilty till proven innocent rather than the other way round as was the case I believe with Dr. Aafiya Siddiqui.

Thus the religiously reverent are mocked/ridiculed wherever they go (for doing the right thing) and hence become a pariah (social outcast). Isn’t it strange? Ah! The word strange reminds me of a hadith of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) who said:

“Islam began strange it will end strange and glad tidings to those who are strange”

It is also mentioned in the Quran to enter into Islam wholeheartedly. This means all the qualms which satan the accursed puts in our minds about Islam should be denied straightaway. It is absolutely imperative to follow Quran and the hadith just because it is the message of Allah and his Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) not for any other reason and ignoring what the TV screen tells us.

*A term bombarded massively by the media on the masses to serve special interests
*A phenomenon nobody had any idea of a decade ago
*A misnomer which the so-called liberalists use to evade the undeniable truth
*A way of stereotyping a mass, movement which in most cases is righteous.

Kisi Khaaki Par Na Kar Khaak Apni Zindagani ko, Jawani Kar Fida Us Par Jis Ne Di Jawani Ko! Jab Dil Hee Laga Bethay Har Naaz Uthana Hoga, Sau Baar WALIDAIN Roothay Sau Baar Manana Hoga! Pehlay Tujh Ko Bachpan Nay Barsoon Khilaya, Jawani Nay Phir Tujh Ko Majoon Banaya, Burhaapay Nay Phir Aa Kay Kya Kya Sataya, Ajal Tera Kar Day Gee Bilqul Safaya!

  • hollaholla

    Well done! There are no comments because this article leaves the reader speechless!

    The truth surely shuts people up!

  • Sadia Hussain

    Splendid read I must say ! I agree regardless of one’s beliefs they should not be labeled or stereotyped for that matter a classic example could be the alienation of secular elements and accusing them of imposing western ideas and by default declaring them as agents of espionage or Zionists for that matter.

  • Usaid Ahmed

    Well written because that is something i have experienced personally.

    The best way to sum your article would be through this quote

    “Never put a question mark where ALLAH has placed a full stop”