Deceptive Advertising

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Deceptive advertising is a norm in places that have no consumer rights practiced or exist just for the sake of existing on paper. It involves persuading people into purchase decisions they would not normally make since the product would fail to satisfy their needs. However, it is surprising why some renowned fast food chains would need deceptive advertising to market their deal.

I chanced upon a billboard  showing  a painfully, over stuffed sandwich as part of a limited time offer by Subway. As shown in the picture, it seems to have the entire chicken resting in the sandwich with the remaining parts of bread trying their best to provide shelter. Now the size seems too good to be true until you actually go out for your mighty bite of a not that stuffed sandwich.

Various other forms of deception include advertising products on TV only and claiming that a product could change the way you look or that you could grow taller within days with some Chinese miracle. At times beauty products sold locally claim to change your skin colour, so no matter how lovely  a fairness cream is, it has captured the minds of rural market only because it works well in deceiving them.  Skin products such as these tap on social issues and capitalise on a a specific benefit (which might not be a benefit in the first place) that could make a person beautiful and later get her or him married. Wow! What a funny form of deception! Such products are good at giving allergies though . . .

For food products it’s the size that companies feel at ease to market and attract people. Do fast food restaurants actually sell the number of french fries they show in their posters and bill boards? Are burgers that enormous as fast food chains want you to believe they are?

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  • Babar Javed

    More importantly, do soft drink manufacturers actually fill the bottle with the alledged quantity? Has anyone even checked? For all we know the bottles are getting smaller 🙂

    Choices become easier to justify when we increasing the number of goods or services available to consumers because it seems more sensible than the indulgent ones

    For more info, read this paper by Jonah Berger:

  • Hiba Moeen

    Yes, I agree . . . they have got people addicted to more quantities first and now are attracting the same audience with smaller bottle something people deem as, ‘cute’ . . . 😀

  • Hiba Moeen

    Actually i did order the meal and saw the difference, hence I drew such conclusions . . . otherwise I’m not in a habit of typing comments without experiencing something . . . 🙂
    Deception is everywhere, can’t ignore it my friend.

  • qasir jameel

    pagal hen itna chiken show kia hy

  • Hiba Moeen

    @ Qadir: so my ‘said conclusion’ was true lol 😀

  • racism articles

    I think , SUBWAY , must leave and run away from here , being loosing such an impression

  • Babar Javed

    Advertising: The art of legalized deception

  • Asma Shahzadi

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