We Are Back!

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imagesPMB is Back in Action!

Yes, you heard it right. Everybody has a right to vacation and so PMB had a good long vacation but we are back with a New-Look to keep you updated and informed about all the happenings in media industry.

Your contributions to the blog have always been welcome and will be much appreciated in future as well, so feel free to share your content with us. But we have some ground rules this time:

  1. Don’t be abusive: As much as we love criticizing, let’s not be mean and control our use of ‘bad’ language. So slangs are not allowed.
  2. Know your audience: You should know who you are addressing to while writing your blog. For instance, marketers out there are not interested to know what’s cooking with your in-laws.
  3. No personal remarks: Well, keep your personal remarks inside the box because we strong believe in thinking outside the box. No calling names.
  4. Avoid copy pasting: Plagiarism laws might not be there in our country but let’s just be decent enough to avoid it in the first place. If you have it written by you on your blog, then that content is acceptable.

We aim at making PMB more active and updated, and look forward to your ongoing support to PMB.

Happy Blogging!

Team PMB