Peek Freans RIO brings Rio 2 to Pakistan

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Peek Freans RIO, the market leader in the cream biscuit category of Pakistan, fully in line with its tagline Fun Ka Daily Dose, is bringing Hollywood’s mega-hit film Rio 2 to Pakistan. The film is set to premiere on April 11. Rio 2 is the sequel to Rio The Movie released in 2011,which was also brought to Pakistan by Peek Freans RIO.

Rio 2 Hoarding 90x30

Rio 2 is a 3D computer-animated musical adventure-comedy that is expected to draw huge crowds. The title of the film refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the first film was set and where Rio 2 also begins. Peek Freans popular brand RIO was launched more than 15 years ago, and the name was  inspired from the name of the city Rio de Janeiro; a city admired for its beauty which has been reflected in the shape and design of Peek Freans Rio biscuit shell.

Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Marketing Manager at English Biscuit Manfacturers Pvt. Ltd. (EBM), the makers of Peek Freans  RIO expressed excitement at the brand’s association with the hit film Rio 2. “It’s remarkable how our brand and the film are so much in sync, with both promising consumers, especially children a dose of fun which is so essential to happy and healthy living,” he stated and continued, “I think it’s very important that children have fun along with studies. The ‘Fun Ka Daily Dose’ variety of Peak Freans RIO flavours promise just that. When you watch Rio 2, you’ll notice similar themes. The main character Blu encourages his kids to have fun through exploring the world around them. We hope that this will be a fun collaboration and our main target audience – children – will enjoy it to the fullest.”

Rio 2 is produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. While the film starts off in Rio de Janeiro, most of the plot then shifts to the Amazon rainforest. The film with Peek Freans RIO sponsorship will be released across 6 cities nationwide on April 11, the same day it is set to be released in the USA.

Below are some images from the movie premiere: