Pepsico Launches Sting

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Pepsico has now entered the energy drinks market by launching ” Sting” in Pakistan recently. The media break is pretty much visible with good frequency on selected TV channels. The quick feedback is that the selected channels are hitting the right audience. Besides, we can hear the disruptive radio executions also on most radio channels.

Sting is launched in two flavors – “Gold Rush” and “Berry Blast” at a price of Rs. 60.  The product is widely distributed and pretty much available everywhere.  The highlighting factors are that it tastes better, it is priced much lesser than the competition, easily accessible and that it provides a timely boost of energy that keeps you going in your busy life in a balanced way.

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The tvc is a local adapt of the Philippines copy for Sting. Feedback and comments on the tvc and the product itself  are awaited.

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  • Hiba Moeen

    They way they are promoting it would maintain a competitive edge and the good part is that they haven’t placed their billboards in between the clutter of lawn promotion . . . 🙂

  • Babar Javed

    I saw some of their Hummers in my area today

  • Su

    This is a highly aggressive ad campaign, and for something that is so unbelievably toxic to the human body…just like Pepsi is itself. For me, it is yet another brand to stay far away from. All aggressive ad campaigns mean I do not buy them 🙂

  • Zaira Rahman

    The hummer is part of their activation.

    Sting’s facebook fan page is active with regular updates about the activation, competition and updated photo gallery.

  • noman

    The taste is quite similar to the RedBull but it is much sweeter in taste.
    I dont know if it really boosts energy just as RedBull does.

    Agreed that one should better stay away from such products specially from companies like Pepsi.

  • Zaira Rahman

    Why do people wanna stay away from PEPSI :S

  • mentor

    “..Caffeine, a mildly addictive stimulant drug, is present in 95% of colas made by Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. In addition to artificially boosting one’s energy level, caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and a rapid heart beat (Jacobson). My girlfriend often complains to me of not being able to fall asleep at night; her Pepsi habit may play a factor in this situation. Caffeine also drains calcium from the body. Drinking twelve ounces of a caffeinated drink such as Pepsi or Dr. Pepper causes twenty milligrams of calcium to be excreted in the urine (Jacobson). This calcium-robbing quality of caffeine further exacerbates the problem that many girls and women have — low overall calcium intake. Meeting the FDA’s recommended daily allowance for calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, high blood pressure, symptoms of PMS, heart disease, strokes, colon cancer, and kidney stones (Goulart). Simply replacing soda in the diet with milk or orange juice will ensure that the daily allowance of calcium is being met.

    Sodas, while containing no calcium or potassium, have high amounts of phosphorus (phosphoric acid). Sodas are acidic because the ratio of potassium and calcium to phosphorus is so low. Phosphoric acid is effective at dissolving calcium in the bones and it is what gives colas their “refreshing” taste (Wardlaw). Soft drinks such as Brisk Iced Tea and Sprite also have high amounts of phosphoric and citric acid. In order to put the acidity of colas in perspective, high school science classes do experiments in which a pupil places a tooth or other bone into a beaker of an acidic beverage. The tooth will dissolve completely within two weeks. Similar experiments have been conducted on dead insects, with similar results. This rapid-dissolve rate is one thing to think about the next time you have a mouthful of cola.”

    you can read the detailed article at

  • Tyrone


    The ad didn’t seem so great the OOH billboards were better but somehow the campaign seemed to lack cohesion?

    I visited the stingenergy page from FB and what do I see? If you have over 250 FB friends register! Excuse me you’re blatantly saying you want me for my friends how old school!


  • Zaira Rahman

    @mentor…I have read such information and details before. I remember reading that tooth dissolving one also. True the hazards have always been there. But, those who want to drink up these drinks they still do. And a lot of them are aware of these details also.Something similar to smoking. People know it slowly kills but those who smoke go on smoking.

    At the end of the day, people do what they want to do.

    @Tyrone: Agree with the cohesion part. That competition was not that exciting as such. But I still keep an eye on the fan page every now and then.

    However, people have been talking about the hummer a lot though.

  • Kashif Shafique

    Sting in both flavours (Gold Rush & Berry Blast) are very tasty and meet the energy requirement.

  • m ali z butt

    i thing sting good if it increase its promotion & espesially product placement then red bull


    well i taste it….its like pineapple chewing gum….i didnt like the taste….n i didnt feel any energy in me either….well its individual choice but i think its playing with psychology of customer rather to give an energy drink..



  • zahid

    I like Sting specially it’s “Barry Blast” flavour i had drunk it many time but now there is black stains on my teeth so how to deal with it.I tired by using many toothpastes to remove black stains from my teeth.So there is any way to remove black stains.And now I also not drinking it.

  • Kalimullah farooqui

    Energy drinks are not good for inactive persons. I ve read so much about energy drinks and concluded they are not good. Only very active people, who do lot of physical work can get some benefits from this so called energy drinks. Otherwise they are detrimental for health. Even in USA and Canada, and Mexico many such drinks have been banned.

  • Arif5045

    ape di sebalik name air ini ye?

  • Haral777

    PLS DONT DRINK IT . IT INCREASES THE Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is an enzyme found in several tissues throughout the body, including liver, bone, kidney, bowel (intestine), Elevated levels of ALP in the blood are most commonly caused by liver disease or bone disorders. Levels of the enzyme can be greatly increased, for example, in cases where one or more bile ducts are blocked. Smaller increases of blood levels are seen in liver cancer and cirrhosis, with use of drugs toxic to the liver, and in hepatitis. My son ‘s ALP is now 179 which is dangerous , he left Sting 15 days ago. So dont drink !!

  • Sovandy Than

    Why is the can different to the one here?