‘Stop the Delay. Get insured today!’

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In the last 5 years, life insurance industry has grown manifold, what started from State Life as a government entity pushing life insurance products, has now many players in the market. State Life’s famous ‘Aye Khuda Mere Aboo Salamat Rahe’ is to date considered one of the most remembered jingle. The composition of this jingle is still used by the company but not in its original form which has failed to resonate with the customer who first heard it.

All those who remember that TVC would know that the campaign was based on fear appeal; the fear of losing your loved ones supersedes all other feelings, becoming a hit TVC. Years passed by with no one from the insurance industry used advertising to create awareness which made sense since the insurance industry went through the much needed transformation. Jubilee Life, the leading life insurance provider in Pakistan, has been the pioneer in establishing the awareness trend in Pakistan through the advertising and marketing mechanism in the private sector insurance industry.

According to a recent research conducted by Jubilee Life, with the current law and order situation of the country, it shows that people in the country have started appreciating the element of safety and security provided by a Life Insurance policy. However, as a nation we have a tendency to procrastinate even in our everyday life chores and decisions by conveniently saying, “Kal Kar Du Ga”, “Kal Dekh lenge” etc. The same attitude happens with a life insurance product. The consumer in our country has understood the usage of the product but hasn’t realized the importance of it yet and thus comes the delay in purchasing. Also, since life insurance is a relatively at infant stage in establishing its reputation as a product made to benefit the consumer, the process of evaluation takes a lot of time.

Connecting on the same insight, Jubilee Life recently launched an extensive marketing campaign that has a strong message in a light tone highlighting the need of insurance and how it can protect one’s family. The TVC gives a very lively, trustworthy and caring feel of the brand which is what it claims to be. Targeted specifically towards the bread earners of the house, who have a lot of responsibilities of their family, but their priority is always their family’s safety and protection. The TVC strongly communicates the need for insurance but fails to explain what the product is all about and how to get it. Also, the main focus is on the story and the reason to buy insurance but does not gives fair consideration to believe on why the choice should be Jubilee Life.

The TV of the campaign can be viewed here: 

Life insurance is perceived by the public as a complicated product usually associated with a fear appeal by marketers. Jubilee Life has always tried to consciously avoid that route and establish the importance of insurance through a lighter tone. This conscious effort made by the company is prominently visible in the TVC where a husband is trying to make his wife happy by doing the most important task first, which is buying life insurance, even when he is procrastinating on other important chores.

The campaign is visible across print, electronic, radio, outdoor and digital media.