Experiential Marketing: Customer Centric Shopping Experience

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In an online study on over 5000 retailers in Euro zone by the WPP Group PLC, aimed at identifying the motivation behind the customers why, what, where and how in term of shopping, it was found that consumers follow a multidimensional approach. The shopper of the modern worlds has high standards of the shopping experience than his predecessors. In order to fulfil these standards, the retailer needs to adapt and gain a much better understanding of his target customers than ever before. As the marketplace become ever more complex, polarized and competitive, the large demographic classifications of retail customers are fast becoming laughable.

The following insights showed that customers:

• Are extensively manipulated by their moods, which is a key variable deciding how much they spend, which is something an exceptional shopping experience can promote.

• Want different items when they shop for goods in a certain product group and vice versa.

• Start by looking at single items on their shopping lists then buy the remainder in a fixed pattern. The may also purchase additional items in random pattern or according to the store layout. Products close in range to a particular category are bought first e.g. shopping for cake essentials means buying eggs, flour, icing all in one streak.

• Expect a convenient, hassle free experience and are willing to accept premium pricing if this is guaranteed. Change in layout and structure is only embraced if it contributes to their customized shopping needs.

It is evident from the above findings, what experience focused retailers must do and that is:

• To understand the local customer based on geographic, behavioristic and psycho-graphic profiling to provide a customized shopping experience which will reflect on how much is bought based on occasion and the individuality of each customer.

• To create a sense of excitement and capture the interest of the customer in order to nurture an emotional connection.

• To provide shoppers with the tools they need to reach an informed purchasing decision which eliminates the hassle of hunting for a functional & relevant product.

Retailers must bring themselves at par with the wholesale giants and create an enhanced shopping experience that stimulates demand and purchase. Customers are on a mission and the retailer is their confidant; one who must have deeper insights than before in order to deliver relevant offering that are tailored to different customers, which helps in retention and conversion.

The retailer must realize that in order to provide a customer centric shopping experience, it all comes down to his understanding (or lack of) the customer. Once the retailers understand what aspects and attributes bring customers back to his store, what they need, how they go about shopping & differences in ethnic shopping methods, they will be better able to develop service and merchandizing services as well as store formatting aligned to the needs and patterns of their target customers.

For the seasoned retailer, a bolder approach towards creating personalized shopping experiences that are tailored to customer preferences will be seen. These preferences can and will change in accordance to the requirements (shopping list or occasion) of that particular day.

Differentiation is key and that will be possible once customized experiences are offered, experiences that don’t get on your target markets nerves, rather those that bring them back time and again, maximizing the experience and reaping two way rewards.

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  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    Babar why is shopping so boring? 😀

  • http://babarkj.blogspot.com Babar Javed

    Retailers dont make an experience out of it. Study Experiential Marketing to get an idea of how experiences can be marketed 🙂

  • http://www.hibamoeen.blogspot.com Hiba Moeen

    Oh ok . . . I’ll go for that course tomorrow . . . good advice =P

  • nadir

    yaar mujhay kuch sumujh nahin aaya..tumhay logon say musla hai ya dukandaro say?

  • http://renegadex.wordpress.com Shiraz

    Very well written and informative. Good piece. However I think the Pakistani market and the retailers in general are a long way from coming to terms with adopting this approach in general. But that’s just me ..and I could be way off on it. 🙂

  • Mehr

    We still have yet to see any retailer creating an “experience” for their customers. I think the customers are ready to adopt this experiential approach, but yet are retailers I guess are just too lazy.

  • Tyrone

    Heh great piece Baber!

    Hats off!


  • http://www.tirmizivlog.com Tirmizi

    Great writeup , I must say I was wondering the same thing while I go shopping …

    cheers – Tirmizi

  • http://www.worldvision.org Ayesha

    Does the writer really expect Pakistan to reach this level of customer care? There’s a fine line between optimism and realism.

    If this is just for information and guidance sake, I will use the data for my lectures.

  • zapkid

    Nice Article

    @ Ayesha you see that the concept is new and at its early stage for an Asian market like Pakistan but we have seen that over the years Pakistani market has proved itself in quickly grasping innovative ideas such as that MAKRO is a good example of it .

    Initially when its store was open it had a lot of space , variety and pleasant environment to sooth the customers ( Although it has lost its charm ) another example is a IDEAL 36 ( an ice cream shop in dastagir it always have 36 different flavor of ice cream round the year ). Their could be many such examples all its needed is the promotion

    “A company with a good product that does not advertise is like a man who whisper to himself in the desert”

  • Adnan Shekhani

    I taught Babar this subject precisely one year ago. Proof of my excellence

  • http://www.saroshwaiz.com Sarosh Waiz

    Wow Babar.. that’s why I was wondering how a person like you can get his excellence from …

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/babarjaved Babar Javed

    Aside from being speechless to the two comments above, I should point out that articles like this will no longer be seen on PMB due to the lack of recognition they get.

    The readers dont like my advisory, relevant and intellectual work. You may think the product is great, but unless the customer buys it, nothing really matters.

    Not so wise to link your genius to me now sir.

  • http://www.gpj.com Experiential Marketing

    This article brings up multiple highlighted points that haven’t been widely discussed.

    I agree that creating a sense of excitement is the most efficient way to sell a consumer. If that excitement is seamlessly paired with a sense of urgency, you have a golden ticket to landing a sale.