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1.       It’s happening after Six years

The last VJ Hunt took place back in 2008 when VJ Shehzad Khan was announced the winner and VJ Urwa was the runner up who later became famous celebrity because of her talent and is currently listed among fresh new faces of Pakistani TV industry.


2.       “Content is the key”…

…And ARY Musik channel has become the quality “key-maker”! Honestly, you rarely get to watch some quality content on other channels besides regular airing of Bollywood songs which are MUST HAVE for their bread and butter.





3.      It’s a door of opportunities for aspiring VJs.

While watching the show you’ll  realize that there is a good number of people  aspiring to become VJs but they are not being provided with opportunities. Our music channels are not bothered as they probably think that they don’t need to identify, groom and establish such representatives who people could look up to as an example to follow.




4.       We are bored of existing VJs

Let’s be honest – aren’t we bored of watching same VJs again and again on our TV screens? You watch their show at one channel and the next moment you see them appearing on screen as some Jamila in a saas-bahu serial or Rafiq dealing with a psycho wife’s “Shuk” syndrome.  Don’t you think that we need fresh faces to look up to? That’s what the show is going to offer in the end.


 5.       Hum kisi say kum nahin

Watch VJ Hunt and you’ll know that we are a nation full of talented people. You get to see all kinds of entertainers trying their best to prove their talent.



6.       It’s a serious job

This show makes you realize how tough it is to become a VJ. Not everyone or anyone can become a VJ and you actually need to have those germ in you which can make you a VJ people will go gaga about. Remember the fan following of VJ Anoushey?




7.        It actually looks like a Reality Show
A VJ hunt has never been in a shape of a reality show like this one before in Pakistan. It took almost two month’s hard work to the team to come up with a solid plan for executing this show in the most creative way this year. Post this VJ hunt, the team behind the show will definitely be looking forward to know opinions of viewers about the show.


8.        They are social!
This is the first time that any channel has incorporated a good number of social platforms in the content strategy. This step makes it evident that the team behind this show is confident enough to have direct communication with their audiences. They are available to interact at all social platforms including Line Messenger which was used during auditions and will now be used for content sharing 24/7.



9.       The panel of judges is FANTABULOUS!!!

You get to see a mix of talent on the panel of judges in this show. While the charming VJ Anoushey mesmerizes you by her presence on screen, sharing her views about each candidate’s performance, the oh-so-cool Khalid Malik leaves you in awe while he gives his suggestions on how candidates can improve themselves. The cherry –on-top is the presence of the hot and sizzling Annie Khalid as you can’t get your eyes off her face when she speaks to contestants in that sexy accent.


10.       Because YOLO!
While we are hoping that the team will consider hunting the fresh talent soon (hopefully not after a six years break again), we highly recommend you to watch the show as you may not be able to watch it again anytime soon, and… because we shouldn’t wait for tomorrow to watch such a fantastic show and because… you only live once!