Public Service Message: The Hazards of Unreliable and Unauthentic Face Creams

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Beauty in this day and age has got a lot of strings attached. There are quite a number of beauty products in the market that are taking undue advantage of the emotional appeal thereby urging females to come up to the societal definition of looking attractive. For example, there are some fairness creams that guarantee instant whiteness and are priced at a higher end, such instant results are only possible as these low quality harmful creams contain mercury which is extremely hazardous. Though the use of mercury in cosmetics is banned internationally, the permissible amount is 1 part per million, anything beyond this could result in disastrous consequences not just for the user herself but also for those around.

Mercury poisoning can be contracted even through a simple touch of a hand, just imagine the adverse effects to a person applying it on the skin. Such exposure could result in insomnia, muscle weakening, and permanent damage to kidneys and the entire nervous system, tremors, damage to cognitive ability, and even fetal damage in case of pregnant women.

Any prolonged use of such skin products can cause this hazardous metal to transform into airborne mercury vapour thus contaminating entire households and affecting other family members as well who, in the first place might have not used the product themselves. Children as a result could be the most vulnerable and thus one should ask herself, ‘Can I afford immediate skin whitening at the cost of my organs or my children who mean the world to me?’

It’s our responsibility as citizens to protect ourselves as well as our environment because once the lead and mercury found in such shady and unreliable face creams, soaps and other cosmetic products enters the entire ecosystem, it pollutes everything at a wider magnitude. For example, as the dumped water containing such harmful ingredients enters our rivers and oceans it adversely affects the marine life. Therefore, such sea food that you might consume would revive the possibility of mercury poisoning and destroy your digestive system, in worse cases, it can even hinder neurological developments.

It is advisable to avoid purchasing skin cream manufactured by unreliable brands. Any skin/face cream brand that mentions, ‘mercury’, ‘mercurio’, ‘mercuric’, ‘calomel’ or ‘mercurous chloride’ should be avoided at any cost. If you want to get rid of acne scars, age spots and blemishes, go for authentic and dermatologically approved face creams that though might have a slow effect will at least not leave permanent damages to your skin and organs.

Always consult a dermatologist regarding the use of skin products especially if you are not sure about them. Once again, any face cream that claims to give you ‘instant whitening’ results contains mercury which hinders the production of melanin, something that is responsible for the skin colour you have.

One  should ensure that she is only using reliable and authentic brands when it comes to use of fairness creams. So take care of yourself by taking care of your skin and health in general, love yourself, above all value what nature has given you and protect yourself.