Decline in Facebook Reach: What Can Brands Do For Social Media Marketing

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Today we would like to feature an article by a guest blogger Fizzah Iqbal, who works as a Content Editor at Incubasys.

Do you use Facebook to promote your business? Have you recently witnessed a decline in your posts’ reach to people? Well this is dues to the recent algorithm introduced into the system by Facebook. Ever since they have changed and customized people’s newsfeed, businesses have complained about a sharp decline in their organic reach to audience. The organic reach has decreased considerably from 16% in 2012 to less than 2% in 2015. In the light of these developments it becomes essential for marketers to look for alternatives instead of losing hope with their marketing campaigns and reclaim the digital reach that their brand lost due to Facebook’s changed algorithm.

What can marketers do now? Here are a few things that marketers and those running their Facebook pages can do.

Post Often and Optimize

There is still hope for marketers when it comes to Facebook reach. Here is how. Brands or advertisers who want to stay in the loop should post frequently and optimize the content they post. Facebook posts which contain images and links still get better reach than others therefore including links and images is a great way to keep you reach relatively high. To test this thing, post status updates, photos, videos and links and monitor their reach. Once you are sure what reaches your audience more, you can begin focusing on that more than the other things. Post when you expect people to check out your posts more. It is still possible to get maximum reach because people love sharing interesting posts with their connections.

Spark Content Sharing

Sounds tough, right? Not really actually. More than 80% of consumers still trust the word of mouth source more than anything else. Therefore if you want people to come to your company for the relevant business then create promotions, ads and posts which are worth sharing. They key ingredient to creating such posts is effort. Great effort put in wither posts, contests, giveaways etc will definitely give you the benefit of word of mouth which will ultimately give you more organic reach.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience. People relate hashtags to brands and create a quick connection with them which makes the posts recognizable by the relevant audience. The best thing about hashtags is these are not limited to Facebook only; marketers can run campaigns with similar hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Television and even on their websites which makes them highly recognizable and are searched easily by people on Facebook even with a meagre reach.

Paid Facebook Ads

It’s seems as if only the paid and sponsored ads appear more in your news feed as compared to organic ones. I have noticed it a lot and yes this is sad but true. If you desperately want to reach out to your audience on Facebook then unfortunately this is the only best option available right now. Pay Facebook and get the reach. However, paying Facebook is still less expensive as compared to paying for ads with Google and also opens up a lot of marketing features which marketers can use to their benefit.

Use Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook is not the only social media platform that people use and is not the only option for marketers to exhaust their skills. There are better options like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest which still give your posts 100% organic reach as compared to Facebook and if your posts get “regramed”, “retweeted” or “re-pinned” you get the added benefit of word of mouth. It’s a win-win situation anyway.