Dew Action is Back

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In 2013, Mountain Dew hosted the largest action event in Pakistan, Dew Action in Karachi. It was a hit among the adventure craving people of Pakistan and is back this year to bring more action.  The fun, adventurous, action filled brand Mountain Dew is bringing an FMX action event across Pakistan during April. This time it’s much bigger, bolder & packed with action because Dew Action shall hit three cities and not just one. For people who love adventure, action, a burst of adrenaline – you guys need to be at the event and Do the Dew!

To give you a sneak peak, famous athletes from across the continent will be performing unbelievable FMX stunts on dirt bikes. These stunts include, The kiss of death, Indian air, cordova and so much more. Check out some FMX stunts below.

 1-1st April-WP 2-Cordova 7-KissofDeath

Please don’t attempt to perform these stunts at home, Mountain Dew has bought in professional, trained athletes for this purpose. But you can watch them live as these professional athletes put on a breathtaking performance at the Dew Action event followed by a concert by a local band and other engaging activities. I hear you can get tickets to the event from their Facebook page:

If you are looking for a place to get some chills with thrills then this is the place to be at!