Western Union Reunion – Your Trip To Home Is On Us!

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Western Union Pakistan, this time around has joined the bandwagon by launching a promotional campaign that aims to connect with families and create better consumer bonds. Following the footsteps of brands like Coca Cola and Ufone, Western Union through its campaign Western Union Reunion is focusing on strengthening family bonds and spreading happiness.

Western Union Reunion gives Pakistanis living abroad a chance to win a free ticket home and reunite with their loved ones by simply transferring money through Western Union to Pakistan between 5th March to 30th April 2015 from anywhere in the world.

The families can collect money from Western Union and other participating companies/banks listed below:

  • NBP
  • GPO
  • Askari Bank
  • JS Bank
  • UBL
  • Ravi Exchange.

The campaign is an entirely promotional activity and has not been carried forward to digital media, however a great opportunity for people living abroad to save money on traveling and reconnect with their families.

For more information: www.westernunion.pk