Olpers Meherbaan – sharing happiness this Ramadan!

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Ramadan is that time of the year when all the brands invest a lot, bring out really fancy campaigns, and try their best to tap the share of heart using emotional appeal. A lot of brands also initiate their CSR initiatives during this month, the agenda behind is to gain good will, along with improving their sales. It’s a war each year. A war of advertisements. And only a few brands stand out.

One Ramadan campaign that stood out this year was by Olpers Milk – Olpers Meherbaan initiative. There are several reasons for us selecting this campaign as a 10/10 campaign:

1. The central idea of the campaign was to share the joy of Ramadan with those who cannot afford. Sharing from the privilege table and contributing further to the unprivileged table –  Har bejaan table ki jaan, Olper’s

2. It wasn’t selling or pushing it’s own product in your face but instead it talked about the essence of Ramadan, which is, sharing what you have with those that do not.

3. It was not just an ATL campaign. The brand very well integrated a BTL activation with this campaign. It engaged its audience through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and encouraged them to participate in this Iftaar sharing drive.

Collection hubs were setup by Olper’s in 3 major cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Eatables were collected from these collection points and distributed in the low-income areas. Everyday a new location was announced through Facebook. The people of this country are super generous and they never fail to stay behind. Everyday the number keep growing larger and more and more households participated in the effort to spread smiles across tables.



From what started off as 100 boxes from 100 households, the campaign reached out far and wide, with more than 24,633 households participating. Imagine, the impact that must have made to those who were on the receiving end. Just a small effort growing large making such a huge impact is unbelievable. Hats off to the team who worked behind the scenes, especially in areas like Karachi which were hit by a Heat Wave in Ramadan, along with the team who came up with this brilliant idea.



It was undoubtedly very well received by people on social media as well. Here’s what they had to say about this campaign:



We hope more and more brands start thinking on the terms of developing a campaign that comes alive and actually makes a difference to the society! It’s time they stop selling and start winning.