Campaign watchout: ‘Sooper apki Zindagi ko kese super banata hai?’

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Peek Freans Sooper, Pakistan’s number 1 selling biscuit, has recently launched a multi-platform campaign, asking their consumers, “Sooper apki Zindagi ko kaisay super banata hai?”. The objective of this initiative is to get the consumers to share their brand experiences with Peek Freans Sooper; a special focus on the significance of Sooper in their “Zindagi”.

The brilliance of this campaign lies within its use of creative communication mediums; audio, video, pictures and text. Participants can send their entries through texting “Sooper” + message to 8398 and uploading their audio, pictures or video to Peek Freans Sooper’s Facebook page and microsite ( specifically designed for this campaign. What makes this campaign so unique is that all the feeds are live so people can view comments in real time, making this a fun and interactive experience for all.

An important component of this campaign is that Peak Freans Sooper is offering cash prizes to participants, the winners will be chosen based on the creativity of their entries and relevance to the brand. All entries from 16th of August till the 16th of October will be taken into account for the competition. The company is also providing a unique brand experience by creating an “Immersive Reality” show which will include 3D visuals, adding a fresh and innovative aspect to the campaign. Moreover the Sooper Velfie Booth, placed in high-end malls and cineplexes, is bringing back to life the concept of “telephone booths” with a twist – you can instantly have your video messages about Sooper recorded and uploaded on social media.

Sooper 4

Peek Freans Sooper enjoys a universal taste appeal and is consumed by all cross-sections of society. Sooper was also elected the 2nd most favourite brand during the Brand Elections conducted by MEMRB Research agency across Pakistan. The testament of the brand’s popularity comes from the fruitful results of this campaign as visible from the responses of the consumers showing that Sooper truly is a big part of their “Zindagi”. One picture entry shows packs of Sooper next to tea and we all know us Pakistanis take our tea very seriously! There is also a heart-warming picture of a toddler feeding her mother Sooper; signifying family bonding.

Consumer involvement in this campaign gives them the opportunity to reflect on their day-to-day life and think about the role Sooper plays in it. This large-scale campaign represents the epitome of consumer satisfaction as the company has gone above and beyond to show that they care about their product and more importantly, that they value the opinion of their customers.