Fit in 5: The ultimate fight against the bulge!

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With the global cultural shift towards healthy eating, Pakistan also saw a major shift in the choices we started making as a consumer. For starters, a lot of gyms started opening up in every nook and corner of our metropolitan cities with locally trained instructors. More so, social media and too much information at exposure completely altered our definitions of ‘good-looking’.

Then came the era of ‘Fitness Challenges’, where by joining them, you could lose few pounds just in a span of 5-6 weeks. But what exactly happens and how it works was beyond my understanding. If only that bulge was so easy to lose!

So our team at Pak Media Blog got hold of the founder of ‘Fit in 5’ – brain child of Mustafa Totana. Mustafa, who is also the chief as they say, is a Software and Network Engineer by profession. But us Pakistanis our born with a savory tongue and he was no less than a big foodie. Living alone abroad not only made him careless towards his health but also led him to gain a lot of weight. It was then that he decided to transform himself by joining courses to learn about dieting and workout. A certified Crossfit Trainer, Totana started giving out fitness advice and later on started conducting fitness sessions at his own place, that’s how the journey began as he recalled.

From a mere 18 students in the first session two years ago that held at a local park in KDA, the strength increased up to 400 students, and happening at two locations now, Zamzama and KDA.

So what exactly is the program all about? There is a meal plan designed with the help of a nutritionist which needs to be strictly followed. Meal plans are designed by Mustafa himself, tested and thoroughly checked by a nutritionist. Only then its shared with the students of Fit in 5. Each student gets a customized meal plan based upon their BMI. But meal plan is just one facet of the program. It is the work-out which adds the right pressure to all those areas where one needs to shed inches from. The work-out intensity level increases from week 1 (moderate) to week 5 (extreme) which helps in pushing participants to achieve their goals and be more agile by the end of 5 weeks.


Anum Amin, a first-timer from Fit in 5’s 9th KDA session, said, “I am 52 kgs and I always felt I had a perfect weight until I joined this program on the recommendation of a friend. My goal was to achieve a healthier lifestyle and gain more stamina. By the end of 5 weeks, I was the happiest person, because now no fatigue can stop me from being 100% productive all day through.”

Zoya Altaf, another first-timer, said, “Fit in 5 is not simply a work-out place to attend. It is a complete lifestyle change. It was very hard initially because we are not accustomed to eating healthy but the change feels so good that it is irreversible. I feel light and that keeps me active always.”

Saad Habib, a regular Fit in 5 participant, said, “What started of as a modest effort at toning up and reducing belly fat, has now transformed into a complete lifestyle for me. More important is the sense of fitness which the coaches drill into you and that is what stays with you 24/7. Hate saying goodbye once the session ends and can’t wait for next one to begin.”

Talking about the Fit in 5 promise, Mustafa said, “The whole game is about structuring your work-out and eating habits in a way that suits your body type. We don’t promise any quick results. But instead my aim is always to ensure a healthier lifestyle for all my students.”


Fit in 5 becomes family for most and it is mainly because of the effort the team of 8 trainers put in to ensure maximum results are achieved. They are on the ground from 7pm to 9pm during the sessions and available over calls/texts/whatsapp for any queries that anyone may have. Furthermore, there is a nutritionist associated with the AKUH and a physiotherapist from South City who is present at the ground to provide advice and help in case of any injuries or pain anyone may incur.

There is a myth that stops many from associating with such a program, ‘the quicker you lose, the faster you gain back’. This only happens when one chooses quick fixes to get thin. Not only does that leads to a faster weight gain once the diet is stopped but also makes one weak. Structured diet, changing the way food is cooked and the right quantity of exercise, is a permanent solution to all health problems. Our body needs to be pampered but only in the right way!

The body workouts include classic strength training exercises such as the squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and planks that not only help in tone the body but also enhance one’s stamina.

Fit in 5 plans to expand to other cities soon and the preparations for Islamabad as the first destination are already under way.