Kurkure – 4 exciting flavors campaign

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4 things are most common in all TV commercials:

– Dancing

– Targeting youth

– Colorful and chirpy

– Famous models

Together these elements make up every ad look an exact replica of the other. But then there are ads like the recent Kurkure 4 exciting flavors TVC. It has used 3 out of the 4 elements and has managed to stand out. How? Here’s how:

1. Dancing is not on a desi/Indian dance number. Instead as soon as the commercial starts the models you see dance to the flavor of Kurkure as it melts in the mouth.

2. Youth is targeting obviously because for the first time Kurkure outrightly said in the TVC that it is made out of corn. With the number of youngsters opting for healthier snacks as an alternative, this is a hit product! Not only in terms of its ingredients but also it’s taste especially the new flavors that are launched: Garlic Cheese and Cream n Onion.

3. It is yes colorful, depicting the bright colors of the packaging itself. It is upbeat & hip with a simple message of what ingredients are used in the making of each of the 4 flavors. This is a real catchy way of communicating the ingredients.

4. Famous celebrities. Thank the Lord there aren’t any? Aren’t we done with the Fawad Khans and the Mahira Khans and the Sanam Saeeds of Pakistan. This TVC is such a breath of fresh air. It’s simple. Catchy. To the point. and most importantly with people you and me can relate to because it’s us the youth which consumes this product. So totally makes sense!

I am glad we still have some Creative Directors alive who are trying to really do something different and making sure that their work stands out. The fact that the TVC is not trying to hard sell is also speaks volume of the thought process behind it. It’s an intelligent storyboard with a dash of excitement that depicts the brand’s personality.

Kurkure Pakistan new TVC can be watched here: