What’s new about Lays Pakistan new flavour?

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News is that Lays Pakistan has re-introduced a limited edition flavor, Yogurt and Herb, on popular demand. The very fact that Lays is making the effort to introduce news flavors in Pakistan’s favorite snack range (well that’s just a claim I am making because it’s my favorite!) is exciting enough to get everyone on their toes to try it out. But there’s something even more exciting and that’s their new TVC. Lays, through its interesting marketing initiatives in Pakistan, has brought together the awesomeness of East and West in two ways in its new campaign:

1. Through the introduction of the new flavor Yogurt and Herb is a delicious combination bringing in a continental taste palette for the Pakistani consumer.

2. The new TVC featuring the two amazing legends of Football and Cricket, Wasim Akram and Messi.

Yes. For the first time, Akram and Messi together in one TVC. This got viewers in Pakistan who are fans of both these awesome legends super excited. Here’s what people have to say about it:

Lays 6




You can check out the TVC here: Lays Pakistan Akram and Messi TVC


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