Lays Pakistan initiates an environment friendly campaign #PlantAPack

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Lays Pakistan is on a roll. First, with the introduction of a new flavor, Yogurt and Herb, and that too with none other than Messi and Wasim Bhai as celebrity endorsers. Now, this environmentally friendly initiative called, Plant A Pack.


What’s the story behind Plant a Pack?

  • A Lays pack will be used (inside out) then filling it with soil and planting a flower/plant.
  • For each planted pack, 3 pound of oxygen is produced.
  • The planted packs shall be displayed on an ECO BOARD ( A wall which students in their universities can decorate by hanging their plants.)
  • Universities to compete with each other to create the biggest positive impact and have the most aesthetically pleasing eco board.


For a brand to think on the lines of green and clean, is rather surprising, especially when majority are only trying to hard sell through their marketing initiatives. Cause-related marketing is quiet an old concept but is rarely done by brands in Pakistan. This campaign is not only giving out a positive message of keeping Pakistan clean and green by taking simple steps such as planting or putting trash where it belongs. But also, leaving audiences to think about recycling and reusing. If you can reuse a pack of Lays to plant than there is a lot that can be recycled to add value in our daily routines. The exciting bit is they have reached out to the youth to participate in this campaign. Youth, which is 30% of our population, is also considered a catalyst in changing dynamics of the way this country has been operating since decades.



Inculcating such a positive habit in our youth is a good step but my only concern is how sustainable is this. Who is going to take care of these plants is a questions? IBA or Lays? Well let’s see then…