HBL Pakistan Super League – a game changer for cricket in Pakistan

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Cricket for Pakistanis is like a form of worship…it’s taken very seriously. So much so that Pakistanis have followed IPL – Indian Premier League – because we as a nation appreciate good cricketers.

Pakistan Super League is a brilliant idea by Pakistan Cricket Board supported by Habib Bank Limited. HBL has always been active in sports sponsorship in line with its aim of enabling dreams of Pakistanis since inception. Thanks to HBL for bringing PSL because never before we have seen young and old together glued to tv screens, back to back, watching matches and sharing moments. We may be supporting our city teams, engaging in city wars on social media but overall Pakistanis have never appreciated cricket this much before. Irrespective of whatever team one is supporting, all of us are watching all the matches, just to see our favorite players swing the game. City wars have never been so entertaining afterall.



So for HBL’s cricket fanatic customers, HBL has introduced a new scheme for PSL giving people a chance to watch the Final match of PSL. The best part is several winners will be selected. Following are the ways one can participate in this lucky draw:

1. Use your HBL debit card for shopping or for eating out. The amazing discounts that HBL offers on a lot of retail outlets is the second reason why you should do all your shopping through your debit card, first reason being a trip to Dubai for PSL.


2. Use your HBL Credit Card and the same as above discount policy applies.


3. Incase you are not a HBL customer, HBL still hasn’t deprived you from the perks of this consumer promotion. All you have to do is apply for a new account or


4. Apply for a loan


Unfortunately, the time is running out so number 1 and 2 is not feasible but all those who have HBL cards of mommies, daddies, husbands or wives…get hold of their cards and start shopping, you never know you may be the lucky winner…and there is nothing better than getting to watch the final match of PSL, sitting in the HBL box, getting pampered and being surrounded by stars…this is seriously like a dream come true and only HBL enables dreamers to dream and helps them achieve it!!!

All the best 🙂 the PMB team is also going to try our luck…