Everything is Marvellous about Cadbury’s new Marvellous Creations

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Wow!!! Exciting!!! Amazing!!!! New taste!!!! Long lasting!!!! Crunchy!!!!

These are the voices that were roaming in the food court of Dolman Mall Clifton, Karachi on Saturday 13th February 2016 at the launching ceremony of Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations where people got the opportunity of free tasting of the new exciting flavor. It was surely a great experience for them.






After the great feedback received from the consumers of Cadbury dairy milk Bubbly, once again, it brings another innovative taste in the market for the people who always want to share their happiness and joys in a unique way. The newly taste chocolate has been introduced for the very first time in Pakistan is filled with fruity jellies and crunchy candies. The unique combination of both resulting the emergence of the best flavor ever. Anyone can easily be lost in the taste of jelly popping candy chocolate and wants more and more. The hidden soft jelly and crunchy bunties inside the chocolate gives the pleasurable experience while chewing and takes anyone to another world of happiness for a moment.

Cadbury Dairy Milk, who always wants to please their consumers with some sweetness and excitement, arranged a small carnival for the young chocolate lovers in the launching ceremony where children get the chance to play games and win exciting prizes. The great involvement and participation was shown by the people in the event. Children loved to play the games and were looking very exciting. There was a big audience behind them to support. People loved to capture the moment by taking snap shots and selfies with the jugglers and made their day memorable.

For all the chocolate lovers, it is the new exciting and true taste of chocolate. Only words cannot fully justify its taste. So enjoy the life with the unique taste.