Clean and Green with Lays Trashformers

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Very few companies in Pakistan have been able to crack the code of recycling. It is not easy. Lays Pakistan has done a tremendous job by creating giant trash bins from trash itself. Yes! They recycled the trash and created bins, one of which, has been placed at the Seaview near Mc Donalds in Karachi. This initiative is part of their bigger campaign Lays Clean and Green which is advocated by Wasim Akram as their main brand ambassador.

Audience engagement and awareness are two key aspects to create social impact of such activities. Lays Pakistan achieved these by conducting a beach cleaning activity, thus, educating and spreading wide spread awareness of the need of a cleaner and greener beach. Along with this, a bloggers meet was arranged to spread the word so that more and more people can participate in this initiative.

This initiative by Lays Pakistan goes out to show that they are a responsible corporate citizen and such acts are commendable. Keeping the city clean is not just the responsibility of our local government or of these big corporations but also a responsibility falls on each and everyone of us. Not only we should keep our surrounding space clean but by doing such actions create an example for others, especially our younger generations, to follow suit.

We hope to see more placements of these trash bins across Pakistan. Kudos for a great idea!