Dengue se Paak Pakistan: dream or reality?

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In a country where health issues are rife and solutions few and far between, guarding against the most common illnesses can prove to be the best protection strategy. With the threat of dengue rising and cases of the virus surfacing already, dealing with this disease should be a major concern for the health sector and individuals themselves. Since 2010, Pakistan has been experiencing an epidemic of dengue fever  – over 60,000 people have become victims of the disease in the past five years and, in many cases, it has proved to be fatal. Most of the cases originated from semi urban areas and major metropolitan cities while unplanned settlements and rural areas equally fell prey to the consequences of the disease.

As part of its CSR, Mortein Pakistan recently launched “Dengue Se Paak Pakistan” campaign to further the cause of a dengue-free Pakistan.

The Campaign aimed at reducing the incidence of dengue all over the country through a multi-pronged approach that focused on a number of pre-planned activities characterized by a combination of innovative approaches to generate maximum impact and learning. These activities will focus on educating people mainly on 4 key areas mainly: cover (open water containers and getting rid of stagnant water puddles); clear (trash and keep surroundings clean); safety (through use of anti-mosquito products) and, support (each other by encouraging this behavior). A ‘Dengue Se Paak Pakistan’anthem sung by acclaimed vocalist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also forms part of the Campaign’s awareness plan.

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On the digital front, the campaign used an innovative approach of creating awareness by getting endorsement from influential digital opinion formers which came in form of video pledges through dubsmash and Facebook DPs. This became an instant hit and many people participated to spread awareness and educate people about how to avoid from dengue.

Such campaigns are a moral awakening for the otherwise self involved people of this country and we appreciate the effort that the brand has invested in this cause. Although it needs to come from the government but like many other things in the country, this too has to be furthered by individuals and private organizations, to save important lives and become a healthy nation.