TapmadTV: Live TV on your finger tips!

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The world is literally shrinking and becoming the size of your palm. It’s insane how rapidly everything is becoming digital. The power of our smartphones is beyond imagination now. We have all been through arguments with husbands on not letting them watch news channels, fights with brothers for all they do is watch sports channels, and most importantly never getting alone time to watch chick flicks. Well, who had thought dreams do come true, but they do. TV on your phone…yeah! How? Tapmad Tv – Pakistan’s very own netflix!

The application is basically an online application which you can download from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. Through Tapmad TV, one can watch their favorite TV dramas, movies, sports, news as well as listen to their favorite music. With over 140 live TV channels being broadcasted through the application as well as many movies, shows, and documentaries, you won’t be able to miss out on any of your favorites anymore. With everyone being on-the-go these days, Tapmad TV is an addition to the convenience for these people. The application even has a ‘Catch Up’ feature, which helps you in record and download content, and watch later.

This app also offers HD quality at low bandwidth, making it useful for everyone, even those with slow internet connections. It is available at an extremely affordable cost option, a one month trial only at a cost of Rs 15 per week and can be paid via phone credit. There is also an option of connecting your TV using HDTV box which will cost Rs 250 per month.


For me, the best thing about this app is the catch-up feature. I am usually struggling to make ends meet in order to ensure I end up watching my favorite shows before the spoilers are out. Tapmad Tv provides this first-of-its-kind feature for its Pakistani audience. It’s a proud moment for our country because from the conceptualizers to the developers, everyone involved in the development of this app is ‘Made in Pakistan’. Truly.

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Addressing the audience at the launch of this app, Yasir Pasha said, “2017 will be the year of mobile entertainment in Pakistan.” Globally, watching videos on the phone is the third most popular thing to do after eating and sleeping. “With more than 1 million minutes of data being consumed on our app in the past three months’, I expect Tapmad TV to lead this change,” he added.

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