Customer Conversation: Progressive Discovery

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“Companies need to start viewing Digital media as an alarm system. They can save a great deal of money spent on research & save their reputations by considering early warnings”
Faiz Kazi, Marketing Executive at Play TV

As mentioned at the end of “Customer Conversation: Opportunities & Threats”, an upside needs to be highlighted when scouring through consumer conversation – most of which is layered in customer disgust.

Social Media Consultants & Chief Customer Officers must understand that analyzing it is a process combining 3rd party & internal intelligence in an attempt to identify opportunities. What’s more important is harvesting the consumer insight.

When we try to figure out immediate challenges like what consumers think about our product, progressive discovery is applied. This offers an examination into a company’s strategic horizon for opportunities or threats. In order to put these discoveries into effect, the following steps need to be taken:

Start by using customer insight to figure out which business goals/challenge needs primary attention; effective immediately identify the internal or external data sources with the capacity to enclose conversations regarding the topic/s of interest. Add strength to the links created between findings and action by going back and evaluating success of previous operational changes made due to findings from an old progressive discovery. Return to step one & identify a new business goal/challenge.

Use your internal and external data sources to gather meaningful data using simple sampling techniques. Best practice dictates, converting the audio & video data into text and deposit them in a data repository.

Tags, common phrases and word volume are elements of the vast landscape that is customer voices. If you have software that can pinpoint these voicescape’s, use it to narrow down their clustering & frequency. In this way, promising data concepts, words and phrases around and about the company/brands products and customer needs can be identified. Try to ascertain the spread, tone and sentiment – positive or negative by conducting deeper analysis. And determine the time volume spent key words and topics that meet your research interests.

Again, everything flows back to meeting business goals, which is why the data from the voicescape and subsequent indicators need to be aligned with them and translated accordingly. Use trends in the marketplace (to avoid false negatives/positives) and other sources of consumer data within the company to verify indicators. Appropriate company users can be presented with key performance indicators, metrics and forecasts in a dashboard layout.

Proactively respond to customers by adjust operations to test your understanding of the marketplace; expect change in departments ranging from sales, R&D, product development and even Talent Management.

Recruit outside help and an expert on progressive discovery; it will require a significant amount of human effort in the form of trial & error to establish which words, phrases, and tags are important. It often becomes the case that regular conversations become a case for market disruption (like the Lays “Halal or Not” Scandal) and gradually become a consumer trend which is why the expert eye is recommended – to scan strategic horizons to foresee if those conversation turn into something more – good or bad for the company.

I personally find external help useful due to lack of clouding over judgment from expectation from within. We can use progressive discovery to improve the depth of business intelligence, aided by sophisticated cost effective technology; the likes if which that can uncloak unknown consumer buying habits and behaviors – all in real time.

Progressive Discovery makes waves by granting early warning signs of impending/possible brand crises, market shifts and provides new insight of transactional and behavioral data.

By listening and processing customer conversation, we can answer questions regarding customer retention, creation, satisfaction & innovation accurately.

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    If you want great consultation in this category, I would recommend Sarosh Waiz ( or Faiz Kazi.

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