Employment Opportunities at Global Media Companies

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All stated jobs are based outside of Pakistan and have a minimum credential requirement of Bachelors with at least 2 years hands on experience* for each position.

The experience is the key point here. Having a master’s degree without the experience does not give candidates an upper hand.

Multimedia Product Manager and Client Support Specialist wanted at Shift Communications
email: tdefren@shiftcomm.com

Interactive Strategist and Business Development Manager wanted at Sears Holdings
email: robert.harles@searshc.com

Senior Media Planner and Executive Assistant wanted at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide
email: jhouston@waggeneredstrom.com

Digital Account Executive and Account Executive wanted at Cohn & Wolfe
email: chad.latz@cohnwolfe.com

Sales Media Planner and Broadcast Media Buyer wanted at Tilson Communications
email: tsrebnik@tilsonpr.com

*Doing large scale university projects does count so don’t behave like insecure retards. everyone reading this who is a BBA has done at least ONE project.

People always mistake the project execution day as their input.

Planning, budgeting and coordination is completely over looked and forgotten for some retarded reason.

None of you are in-experienced – you have lived in (Quote: TIME Magazine) the most “Dangerous Country on Earth” for at least 5 years.

You’re all heroes 🙂

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  • http://www.damco.com Nasir

    expected work location, work environment, salary + benefits?

    will share with others

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/babarjaved Babar Javed

    Although I know the answer to your question, it is only the reflection of their perception of the candidate that applies.

    Once you get an interview call, its up to you to negotiate the terms of employment and make the case in your favor as to why you deserve more perks and/or pay based on your professional accomplishments.