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There are times when we see something, feel it, like it and then buy it. This is an ongoing daily basis process that each of us go through. Be it bread or butter, a bottle of water or a packet of chips, we all seek something that satisfies our needs. A lot of us are brand conscious, picking the ones that has a name in the market, as well as quality that takes good care of us (caring less about the quantity :P).

Among these sectors, there some brands which have (or might not have) a quality product but the name is what we run for. For instance, take our Super Model Vaneeza Ahmed for example. Being fairly successful in the fashion industry, she was probably thinking of pursuing a career that does not involve her looks (as no one stays the same and everybody gets old :P), she launched her own line of clothing under the brand name of V9. According to a source:

Vaneeza conjured a brand name V9 for her range of lawn clothing along with Shehryar Sumar of Muhammad Farooq Mills where the clothes were manufactured. Vaneeza herself was chosen as the brand ambassador and the branding created a hype among the fashion conscious public. The collection consisted of nine different lawn prints created by notorious designers that included Nomi Ansari, Umar Sayeed and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. In March 2006, the collection sold-out in a series of exhibitions and since then has acquired great acclaim.
Later things between the two partners didn’t work well, so our good ol’ Vinny decided to break off the partnership and now is said to be involved with another similar project with another textile mill.
Upon consultation and her inclinations towards illogical beliefs, Vaneeza changed the brand name in 2008 to ‘V Lawn’ while Sumar carried on the banner for the V9 clothing line. She has now teamed up with more designers including the likes of Mehdi and Maheen along with designers that worked with her on the V9 collection. The new collection is not limited to lawn clothings but also features chiffon, raw silk and khaadi wear. With her initial exhibitions in Lahore and Islamabad already a success in April 2008, she planned to launch fashion shows to promote her brand under the new name for which she was supported by many Pakistani designers including Deepak Perwani and Sonya Battla for they had lent their support for her previous collection as well.
Interesting eh? This shows how ones “name” can do incredible magic over out so-called innocent people. Now this is called branding. Well done Vaneeza! Now moving along with the celebrities, there is one more prominent figure that has taken everyone by bolt from the blue, not with her clothing line, but with her state of art cosmetics. This is none other than our very own gorgeously self-kept Atiqa Odho. After realizing soon enough (sooner than she imagined) Atiqa Odho decided to launch her very own cosmetic brand, by the name of Odho Cosmetics when she couldn’t satisfy herself from her very own production house (the Odho production). Her brand offers a wide selection of different cosmetics that (according to her) fulfils every woman’s dream to be (or feel) beautiful.

There are practically a lot of people (relating to fashion and T.V.) who are engrossed with such products and making a lot of money out of their side businesses.
The amazing part about these famous personalities and their brands is that, none of them (at least not under my notice) has ever consulted any advertising agency to market their product (except for the posters on the bulletin boards and outside some shops at a local shopping centre). I have never seen Vaneeza, showing off her lawn prints in an Ad or Atiqa Odho promising her very youth (females) that it’s her product that would make them truly beautiful. The game revolves around the PR of a person and hell it plays a major role. No matter what they offer, people are and will run after it, even if they go bald paying the high prices. Knowing that these so called “prints” of lawn and cotton whatsoever, are not always theirs, people like me (:P) would go to a shop nearby and get an almost exact copy of the same print and wear it without emptying my pocket. But on the other hand, the difference remains. The quality is the major part player which infuriates and yet saddens girls like me.

I was born in raised in Karachi and hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Currently I am a teacher by profession and love it as it has given me a continuous learning drill so far. I am a keen observer and scrutinize everything from every possible angle. My interests reflects my personality, majorly related to Art. I have been really fond of Advertisement and the different kinds of marketing strategies that the companies use to put forward their products. Hope that you have a nice time reading my posts and let me know if they were informative enough or not. Feel free to criticize as well...=D Have a nice day!!!

  • Zaira Rahman

    Sarah very nicely put…Well frankly speaking V9 never really impressed me at all. The first time I went to check out her lawn I was expecting something so amazing and out of this world with Vaneeza behind the entire scene. And the way she was talking about it on media that because her younger sister had grown up now and the big sis thought about her the wardrobe and then the lawn was launched 🙂

    It was soooooo ordinary! And I never wasted a buck on it.

    But then that’s me, every other female I knew went and bought even when they too believed it was just all OK. Again, the same old concept of following one another prevailed 😛 It’s quite true at times women really do end up spending a lot like this on so many products.

  • Sarosh Waiz

    The point is that not every other person can do every other job! I mean when the super models or even the super duper average models become brand ambassadors for other brands and charge for it, they are given a whole thinking process of the marketing and the advertising gurus in the form of brand pointers. If these guys think that only the name sells, yes that might be true for a short term, but if they don’t know what and how their consumers make a purchase decision, they can’t go anywhere with their brand in the long run.

    Imagine that V9 is such an elite brand, and it never had an Online Presence. Which in my view is very odd. At least I couldn’t find it.

    On top of that Atiqa Odho and her partners were better to think that they should have an online presence, but I just checked out the look of the website and was about to throw up. The products are in the face on the website and extremely sorry to say, but they look like a “Do Rupay Walay” cosmetics available at the Sunday Bazaar. Horrible imagery, and the pinks and purples on the website are even worse. No one would in my view would even want to get Odho Cosmetics after looking at that. It’s about time people should get out of pinks and purple for women in marketing!

    Check it out for yourself at: .. and tell me do I need say more? 😛

  • Zaira Rahman

    Wow the website is pretty unattractive.

  • Sarah Taarik

    Sunday Bazaar is a brand too Sarosh. Please, stop degrading it! =P

  • Omar Khan

    Guys, a brand does not have to be world renowned, have a weird European name like Armani or Givenchy, be expensive. A brand can be anything that is well known and popular.

    Like Sarah puts it, “Sunday Bazaar is a brand too Sarosh” 😛
    and she is right, its a brand in itself and everyone from the very elite to the middle class go there…the only difference is some don’t hide the fac that they do 😉

    and the odho website is an eye sore!!! My designers could have done a much better job 🙂
    Sarosh, call Ms. Odho and have her people call my people lol

  • Sarosh Waiz

    LOL… Sarah.. I don’t intend to degrade the Sunday Bazaar in any way! All I meant was that Atiqa Odho’s quality of cosmetics is just not how it should be. And I am not seriously aware which target market they are trying to cater to… if anyone could help me out with this 🙂

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Exactly my point Omar.. what i meant from my comment was that V9 launched as a major brand had flaws in its marketing.. and secondly the Atiqa Odho’s cosmetics are seemed to be marketed to upper classes, which I can’t see happening without a vision and a defined target market.

    Yes I shall do that Omar, let me get on to finding the contact details for Ms. Odho and her team 😛 …

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