Pakistan has World Cup Fever

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The World Cup is here! Millions across the globe will have their eyes transfixed to their TV screens, watching the best take on the best in South Africa. We’ll be awed by the likes of Ronaldo, with his infamous step-overs, trying to take on Real Madrid team mate Kaka for a place in the finals. We’ll be mesmerised by the dribbling ability of Messi and be wondering if this really is Spain’s year. And no doubt watch hundreds of “patriotic” brands out there try to find commonality with their target audience. With the likes of Carlsberg (a Danish beer company) showing it’s passion for England.

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With the growing popularity of football in Pakistan leisure businesses are taking advantage with offers to entice crowds during the World Cup but would this be an ideal time for a company to make an investment into grass roots football in Pakistan as part of the CSR or sponsor the Pakistani national football team who are improving?

A continued investment could help bring the beautiful game to the whole of Pakistan and help those kids who can’t afford to play cricket who have to spend money on a bat, balls, whites and pads.

Imagine if with this investment it gave birth to the Pakistani Sunil Chhetri who plays for the KC Wizards in the American MLS who are now arguably one of the best supported teams in the world thanks to the massive Indian population. The brand association achieved by a company making the investment would be massive not only with the game in Pakistan but also to some extent the player.

You’d think for a nation which is the largest producer of footballs Pakistan would be in love with the game. As a long term marketing strategy I would be itching to get this off the ground but many may feel that the high profile of cricket in Pakistan is too big of an obstacle to overcome and so may never see the potential reward any other sport can give to their brand.

Share your thoughts; is there a future for football in Pakistan? Is it too big a risk for a company? Who’s going to win the World Cup? Do you really care?

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  • Tyrone Tellis

    Soccer is already being promoted Geo is showing the PPL matches and has its own league. Energile/Nike and others are supporting school/college level soccer.

    KC Wizards one of the best supported teams? Never even heard of em!

    I agree soccer is a better bet for a brand trying to make waves less clutter and more visibility.


  • Asif

    I was aware of the PPL and the limited coverage but not of Energile and Nike’s effort which I feel is a good thing (learn something everyday don’t we?)may be we’ll see Pakistan climb up the rankings and enter the world cup soon?

    KC Wizards not a massive team but with the population the size of India having a “soccer” player in a foreign league is a big deal and drums up a lot of support.