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The much awaited Mountain Dew tvc is finally completed and will be coming on to your TV screens from today. The ad is already up virally.

The tvc is conceptualized by the creative team at Interflow Communications Pvt. Ltd and shot in Mexico. One of the best production teams (Bandito Brothers) have worked on this project.  Mike Mccoy is the director while Mitchell Amundsen is the DOP who has to his credit movies such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe and Wanted. Accompanied by Greg Tracy as the stunt driver who has worked on every major car movie in the last ten years.  Some of his works are The  Bourne Identity, Spider Man 3, Fast and the Furious etc.  Thus, Dew has once again set a new benchmark.

Do view the ad and give your feedback on this copy.

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  • Tyrone Tellis


    The ad is outrageous and audacious but where’s the local connection?

    I can’t see this ad having any resonance here in Pakistan.

    Unlike redbull ads which have a universal concept this ad is very focused on a particular culture and scenario.


  • Saqib Rahman

    beautifully executed and conceptulized mini movie / TVC….had the right ingrediants for it to be a Mountain dew TVC…was it just made for Pakistan or the same copy is airing in other countries as well?

    Good show Interflow creative team!!

  • Zaira Rahman

    @Tyrone: Thanks. That’s a very interesting point. And you’re the second person raising this concern about the particular copy, which I have noted.

    All of the dew ads aired in Pakistan aim to take the exhilaration factor to the next level. And so far, everything that has been done for the brand and more importantly, the way it has been done has worked for it including the use of international talent and foreign locations. However, this particular copy is a bit different from all of those previous copies in its conceptualization, execution and over all feel. Thus, we are bound to receive all kinds of response.

    @Saqib: Thanks a lot! The copy has made PepsiCo, Interflow and Mindshare proud 🙂 We are getting a very positive response so far. At the moment it is just being aired in Pakistan. But just like the Kung Fu ad, let’s hope that other regions will take the rights to air this copy.

  • Babar Javed

    I can see where Tyrone is coming from with his point, but for the Pakistani audiences, not everything has to make sense or have a local connection.

    Most products that sell well in Pakistan, do so for having a pointless ad.

    If the advertiser can’t come up with a hard hitting concept, he/she might as well make something so riDONKulous that its memorable.

  • Zaira Rahman

    Point noted Babar.

    Cannot really say at this point how memorable this will turn out to be. All sorts of reviews coming in so far.

  • Farhad

    Hi Zaira,
    Can you pls. advertise the cast name?

  • Qasim Riaz

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