OlFrute – Going Round the Roundabout!

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Olfrute, the new fruit brand launched by Engro, has recently decorated the entire roundabout near their office with fruit shaped standees dug in the garden. Taking a right from Mc Donalds (Sea View), you will first come across the roundabout which once had 2 white horses strategically positioned there but now one horse has been forced to trot away while the other stands alone tail-less. The roundabout following the tail-less horse is the Olfrute roundabout.

I’ve started calling it that as the entire roundabout has fruits shaped standees, umbrellas, Olfrute cartons placed on it and the colours used are no less than an eye candy! I cross by every day while going to and returning from office and the roundabout has the perfect blend of scenic beauty alongside shades for the homeless. Twice i have seen people lying under their umbrella sleeping sound! πŸ™‚

Thinking out loud: How long would this roundabout last with all the fruits in place? Is this the right roundabout to decorate considering the fact that not many people cross it and a better one would be with a high brand visibility? I guess we will have to wait and see! πŸ™‚ All in all…the idea and execution was Fruitastic!

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  • RainbowFizz

    It is actually all over town. πŸ™‚

  • Zahra

    @RainbowFizz: That’s news for me. All over town in Karachi only or in other cities too?

  • Tyrone Tellis

    Standees on roundabouts high on visibility low on impact on brand equity.

    EFL and its media agency should read the excellent article on Charmin written by Javed Khan.


    Now that’s impactful activation!


  • http://pakmediablog.net zoila

    The whole launch as cool. EFL will surely get max profit by this eye catching outdoor campaign

  • http://pakmediablog.net sara

    I still remember the outdoor campaign of β€œOmore” an ice cream brand by EFL. This launch of OlFRUTE is seems to be a cheating of that old campaign but on VAST canvas. Try to find out some NEW and CREATIVE ideas.

  • http://google zoila_arsal

    good attempt

  • Zahra

    Omore and Olfrute are both brands of Engro Corporation. Two brands from the same company using a similar promotion strategy does not mean they are cheating. If they would copy say Nestle juice’s strategy, then agreed it could have been wrong.
    Oh well.. i liked the roundabout-it was at-least better than the posters people put up on the walls and the paan spits they use to decorate the pavements. πŸ™‚ cheers

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