Coca Cola Initiates the First Ever Live Billboard in Pakistan

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Coke dancers performing above the ground!

And once again Coke proves its *Out of Box* thinking! I bet everyone who’se been following my blog posts must be knowing i live close to sea view so any activity or unusual branding taking place at Sea View is hard to miss! Sundays are the most dreaded days for a person who lives close to Sea View as the entire road, from one corner to another, is crowded with people! It feels as if there is no other entertainment spot in Karachi *which might be an exaggeration but trust me, i hate leaving the house on a Sunday if the route to take is sea view!*. But last Sunday was an exception. While returning from some visiting tours at our relatives, we reached sea view and Walla!! What do we see? Three people dancing on a billboard wearing Coke shirts!! That explained the sound of hip hop coke music that we could hear from a distance. This definitely was better than the traditional regional music one is forced to listen to at Sea View on  a Sunday!(I’m intentionally not mentioning the exact type or the owner of the blog wouldn’t accept the post!).

These 3 guys were actually dancing on a ramp made on the billboard, a good number of feets above the ground and there were crowds of people standing there *dumbfounded*. The same instant a thought struck to my mind regarding their safety and then i noticed the foam cushions on the ground and sighed!

I didn’t manage to see the entire performance as i could only convince my dad to stop for a little while for me to take the pic.

On the whole, this was really Innovation *at-least for me* as i have never witnessed people dancing on a billboard! Previously, videos have also been shared about youngsters performing the Keh Do Apnee Soch se Coke Jingle at different outlets like Nandos and that too was a *WOW* factor for me. My message for Coke!! I hope there is more to come… 🙂

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  • jawad

    I haven’t seen coke’s animated billboard so to speak but it sounds interesting. Good to know that a brand like Coke is trying to do something different

  • Zahra

    Jawad…you can visit Sea View between 5 to 8…maybe you can also be an eye witness to the first ever live billboard in Karachi..

  • Tyrone Tellis

    aha at first sound I was like wow then I felt umm good try but no cigar!

    There’s summin off in this can’t really place what though.


  • Wardah

    Nice piece.

    Can you please guide me if i want to write my own article where can i get the option to write?? recently joined media blog 🙂