Scent Marketing… I Bet Your Nose Knows

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Its been such a long time since I’ve contributed to PakMediaBlog that I forgot my password… and  after about a hundred tries I finally remembered and man its good to be back  🙂 … I love to write and being away from writing was like getting a tattoo removed. Not that I have one but mannn I’d love one :).

Those few and I do mean few (the two people who actually read my articles are Ashraf ‘n’ Basheer :P) who have read my articles will know that this is my style of writing as I try and make my articles as fun as possible, by cracking a joke or two and then get down to business.

Now coming to the topic of today, what is that business ‘new age’ marketing? All of us know that Pakistan is a harsh terrain where marketing professionals and organizations find it difficult to sell new and creative ideas; but that doesn’t mean we stop trying as there is always someone who is willing to take a gamble and go for something new, something outstanding and something clutter breaking that helps to reach the target audience.

It is out of the box creativity that drives how a consumer perceives your product today and in the near future. A new concept that has been around in the global marketing scenario is ‘aroma’ or ‘scent’ marketing; if you have ever drove a new car and smelled the new leather seats you’ve had exposure to scent marketing. Ever been in a movie theatre and smelled popcorn or ever walked past a bakery and smelled fresh baked bread that is also scent marketing. I know I’m evil and I’ve kind of made you hungry and I’m pretty sure that while reading this you kind of remebered all those smells but this is what I am trying to illustrate.

According to the latest researches we tend to retain scents and tie them to our perception; some smells instantly remind us of  very positive experiences like the smell of fresh grass in the morning or the smell of rain. Marketers around the globe are still trying to determine the ways in which they can tap into the immense potential of Scent Marketing. According to “shopping to the senses” about 75% of emotions we experience daily are triggered not by what we see but what we smell, in sharp contrast 83% of the commercial messages we are exposed to daily appeals to our eyes and our ears.

When I was researching on Scent Marketing there was so much information I was bombarded with that I had hoped to start a series of articles on this topic to have a good discussion. I conclude this article in hopes that I open up the floor to feedback.

I hope you enjoy this bit of information and I hope to entertain any and all questions, but at a price :p because as I mentioned previously in the article I’m Evil 😛

BIO: Moazzam Kamran. Currently Assistant Marketing Manager at Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.(CYBERNET). Past experience includes working for Dawlance Pakistan as Assistant Manager Communications and as Assistant Manager Marketing Research. VISION: I am also a teacher at SZABIST Karachi. All my life I have had the vision of empowering our youth instead of spoon feeding them facts we need to build up their concepts and nurture their Creativity. We need to create thinkers, leaders and visionaries because that is the only way Pakistan can florish. Finally to all my readers I hope I can make your experience at Pakmediablog as intersting and as fun as possible.

  • Afia Jamal

    yes marketeers nowadays are looking forward to captivating all the 5 senses of consumers! u can experience it at forum where u smell freshly baked cakes and are tempted to try them.
    moreover, scents are what peple can easily relate brands to thus counterfeits are set awayy. crayolas couterfeit came into market but failed to copy its unique scent and the brand loyal consumers easily figured it out.

  • Erfan Afghan

    Scent Marketing – A new term for me, I have to do some research on the Scent Marketing.

  • Babar Javed

    you have one more reader!

  • Moazzam Kamran

    thank you for reading up guys as stated sceent marketing is just one part of sensory marketing and we have a long way to go in understanding all the dynamics that are at offer in sensory marketing….i was hoping that this article would lead to a healthy debate of sorts…. any ways being the carefree optimist I am ill keep hoping 😀 Hail Hitler 😛

  • Abbas Qureshi

    Nyc… But explain the phenomenah that whether this thing will rise since in Pakistan, the smell is usually capped off due to the bad odour surronding us!! Even if we have anything nice in front of us we cant associate the smell!! Can we??

    Another Reader 😀