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One of the marketing concepts taught to us last semester included not to have promotions based on nudity or that indicative of any traces of racism. Nude advertisements sound weird and people would wonder about how an advertisement can be nude, however, the example given by our teacher was quite self explanatory, it was Magnum’s advertisement that featured Neha. Models who are positioned as seducing actresses seem to be the choice of ice cream and juice manufacturers for their unique way of selling these days.

To serve as a refresher to find out what exact advertisement was mentioned I chanced upon some comments at YouTube, there is no explanation to what kind of comments they were. People were talking about how their so called ‘Eman’ was getting polluted as a result of such vulgar advertisements and that there were their so called ‘Islamic Commercials’ as well in Pakistan. A big WOW indeed! Why would TV commercials be Islamic? Why would Islam support TV in the first place? It comes as a surprise; however, it has become a prevailing norm but God knows why people like to become brand endorsers of the religion as if it has recently been launched and needs penetration. In this way somebody is also going to be sizzled in hell but don’t know who that would be . . . In the meanwhile this particular advertisement can be watched to contribute eyes to hell:

YouTube Preview Image

What was the message anyway? Ice cream makes you sick as portrayed by the expressions on her face? Or is it the flawed peanut effect? How would someone personify such an ice cream? ‘Perverted’ and ‘Retarded’ probably.

Sometimes, promotional models are called on to shed their clothes in advertisements or campaigns.

Now coming to one of the latest nude ads being on air . . . Yes Slice it is! It might sound weird but as noticed, some people have developed a habit of switching the channel when this advertisement pops in between programs, the vulnerable media vehicles that get to witness such an ad execution though the product might be good. This was ‘out of the box’ thinking for an innocuous fruit, ‘mango’, however, since the ‘out of the box’ thinking still got trapped ‘inside the box’ during it’s creative strategy, the mango became flirtatious to uplift it’s low involvement/thinking status. “Thy Mango invites Thee to get consumed Completely . . . Oh It has melted Already!” Come hither ‘not related to the ad target audience’.

YouTube Preview Image

Now my favourite company, Engro and it’s ridiculous advertisements . . . At times it’s Pappu in the bathroom or Bhayya with his new bride getting tickled by crazy ice cream! Lactose has become notorious for the company but civilized when it gets flavoured. Ok, stop me from beating about the bush for Owsum. Am I getting the spelling correct? Oh yes!

Now Omore Chocolate Temptation isn’t quite a nude advertisement as the model seems well behaved, yes the chocolate brown model who instead of the shoe has to run with her ice cream before it melts and has to collect temptation sticks because she is an ‘old stuff junkie’ *Tins n Cans! Tins n Cans! Tin n Cans!* Oh no wait! She is seducing as well . . . But if only Prince Charming had the same ice cream and branded stick to give her. Until then he can have a look at her picture endorsing the entire page of some newspaper.

YouTube Preview Image

Wake up target audience is this what you want? Or is this something that describes you?

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  • Tyrone Tellis


    Ur right about you spilling words! It’s hard to keep track of what your saying.

    Instead of logic and rationale u’ve chosen to use what can only be called ramblings to get your point across.

    I agree with your basic argument which is that advertisers are using sex in ads without any proper reason.

    If they wanted to show the ice cream as being tempting they should have just shown it with enticing product shots.

    These ads are just cheap lazy uses of ‘sex’ and the female form etc to sell. Blatant and unforgiveable.

    In an Aurora youth survey/focus groups the target audience for these ads clearly came out and said sex used for selling is cheap and they didn’t like it.

    So why do marketers persist? Perhaps they believe that research be damned sex sells? Or perhaps they think that people -read males secretly love their ads or even subconsciously love them ?
    Maybe the good sales linked to this campaign were more convincing then moral concerns?

    I really can’t say.

    I think the only clear message that the public can send is by not buying products that are blatantly using sex to sell.

    That should be more convincing then their uneasy conscience.


  • Babar Javed

    as to your last question, the 3 products for which ad links are give, are selling – rather – flying off the shelves in Pakistan.

    So that explains it. Ad’s dont HAVE to make sense, they should just stick in the viewers mind long enough that when he/she enters a store for mundane grocery shopping, the lingering memory of an icecream/juice ad should compel him/her to buy hoards of the product.

    Yes its sexist and exploitative, but theres not a thing you can do to make a company from stop using an approach with high ROI.

    No need for further discussion.

    As to the common argument that women are being exploited in these adverts, I’d like to point out that with Everything, its takes Two to Tango. When feminists get together to hurl shoes at Art Directors, do they ever stop to consider that Maybe they should ask the models/agents/agency’s themselves to stop dishing out sexist/subjugating work out to further instill a one purpose image for women?

    Thinking 7 steps ahead before taking action is not something synonymous with women.

  • Ali R. Khan

    Really interesting topic to talk about..I’m also the student of Marketing and I think Pakistani Ads are lacking an important part, which is nudism…may be due to islamic culture or overall environment but I think Brands should be more Open to express themselves.

    Btw, Both ads were good and conveying there message well. Nudity fact is there but its essential to grab the attention of the viewer.

    Ali R. Khan

  • Faiz

    The 1st one was absolutely risque, the 2nd was elegant, the third ridiculous…only having seen the 2nd ad on tv I can say that to me the biggest impact generated right now was from the 1st. Simple fact is that it worked i noted the name of the specific ice cream and im going to be having it this evening. So yes if your living in a nation devoid of nudity, pakistani models bearing cleavage is good enough for starters:)