Olpers Gets Social With The Next Big Thing

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Olper’s is being known as a brand associated with a ground-breaking Ramzan Campaign each year and stand out from the rest of the competition as far as advertising is conceren

ed. This not only gives it an upper edge for the brand but paves way for good product recognition. It’s thriving to be different not just for the ATL activities but also while connecting to the target audience through the use of social media. It is therefore an establishing mark for increasing number of consumers in an already lucrative milk market.

Recently, Olper’s Facebook fan page (which is being managed by TNBT) has helped trigger an overwhelming response in the world of digital marketing and the company has once again proven it’s innovative attribute in terms of the emerging trend of advertising in Pakistan, thus tapping onto the gap not paid much heed to by traditionalists. It not only helps in targeting the growing chunk of target market online but also presents a platform of direct contact and two way communication with ultimate consumers.

Therefore, the number of fans growing almost to 12,000 within a matter of days is evident of close company and consumer relationship. Their uniqueness demonstrated in this digital campaign is also the platform provided for people to share their children’s duas (prayers) whether in writing or in the form of videos. These are then posted as status updates for users to share and comment at.

A distinctive way is being facilitated to keep it all interactive and people have been asked to pray and submit their prayers for Pakistan in this time of natural turmoil and these later are made visible on Olper’s wall. They are then also encouraged to share their children’s prayers which then get conveyed to the huge fan base where people get to share it further with their other FaceBook friends. Therefore, the viral effect has been continuous throughout, making the campaign the most noticeable one this Ramzan both locally and internationally.

It is not just this but what also enabled quick sharing was the Olper’s Youtube Channel where advertisements are out for the grab by fans. Here users get to comment and share their point of view which helps in determining what the intended target audience demands and how they have been moved by the quality of such campaign.

The packaging and branding have been made quite specific linking it solely to Ramzan and a portrayal of blessings is all around which depict the social and cultural norms prevailing in this Holy month.

Furthermore, numerous views of these advertisements are a proof of online success for the brand and establishment of a trend that is new in Pakistan.

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