Mohammad Yousuf Chops It Down To Third Man!

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In the recently concluded Pakistan vs England ODI series which was known for all the wrong reasons, something from the marketing world came up which wasn’t noticed even by the PCB officials.

Pakistan prolific batsman Mohammad Yousuf was seen with a bat which had a sticker of MEAT ONE on the back side of the bat right behind the toe end. Image from the stump camera clearly showed the sticker right down the center of the screen. Now what does this show? Isn’t he an under contract player of PCB? Has Meat One paid him to do such an act? Is he in any way involved with the Al-Shaheer?

Brands tend to use influencers to show the product to the people in an uncanny way. It’s all about standing out from the rest. Under Cover marketing is considered another useful tool which saves the brands a lot of money and also makes their brands/products popular. Younis Khan also had a TASTY brand sticker behind the bat which shows the there is something fishy or should I say meaty.

Kisi Khaaki Par Na Kar Khaak Apni Zindagani ko, Jawani Kar Fida Us Par Jis Ne Di Jawani Ko! Jab Dil Hee Laga Bethay Har Naaz Uthana Hoga, Sau Baar WALIDAIN Roothay Sau Baar Manana Hoga! Pehlay Tujh Ko Bachpan Nay Barsoon Khilaya, Jawani Nay Phir Tujh Ko Majoon Banaya, Burhaapay Nay Phir Aa Kay Kya Kya Sataya, Ajal Tera Kar Day Gee Bilqul Safaya!

  • Tyrone

    Wow u are pretty observant! Great if this is true it raises questions.

  • Azharpaki92

    Mohammad Yousuf and Junaid Jamshed are also partners of this business venture???