Breaking the Blackberry Stereotype

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Certain telecoms from Pakistan and India have taken a brave step and tried to familiarize a product with the masses which was known only to niches. Blackberry had an image of seriousness, decency and class but in order to chalk up the revenues for their company the strategy has now been changed and the product is out for the masses to use.

People try to attach themselves to these material symbols and try associating themselves to the attributes that the products/brands have but fail miserably. They fail to realize that it’s not about what the brand tells them, it’s all about what they tell themselves to be.

I personally appreciate how telcos alongside the brand have taken the initiative on the issue and tried to increase sales and boost overall revenue through it. Blackberry recently launched their new device by the name of “BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK TABLET” now let’s see how long it takes them to bring the PLAYBOOK down to the masses.

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