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evil eye protector

For all those who have WorldCall connection for their television sets, they have probably come across the advertisement for *Evil Eye Protector* endorsed by ‘As seen on TV’. I don’t normally watch any advert by them coz of the simple reason, their ads are repeated twice and are just too long for me to bear. Also, I just don’t think I fall in their targeted cusotmers.

But recently, while switching channels I saw an advert for *Evil Eye Protector*, a pendant that one should wear to protect themselves against people and their evil eye. The reason why I stopped to see the entire ad, was ONLY because I had a bracelet gifted to me that had the same eye. I know about the eye icon and people beliefs about it protecting you against evil but I never happened to believe in it to the extent of wearing it for that specific purpose.

Anyhow, what surprised me was the disappointing way the advert talked about protecting oneself from*Nazar Lagna*. Examples discussed include: new office opening and the business going down, child falling ill every time people complimented him/her, losses, no proposals for your daughter etc etc. I do believe in *Nazar Lagna* but I don’t think that it is appropriate to sell a jewellery item for more than Rs. 1000 by fooling people to this extent. What happened to believing in God? To the traditional method of Nazar Utarna. I agree everyone does not know how to do it, but still I wouldn’t say the Evil Eye Protector can be justified.

I tried searching for the local video that I had watched but found an Indian Version instead. Watch it to see what I mean. Also note THE RAYS that link one’s evil eye to the person.

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Seriously, ‘As Seen On TV’ should either raise their bar or stop fooling people with these gimmicks.

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  • Babar Javed

    In my opinion, Nazar Lagna is as much a reality as:

    Evil Jinns
    Hogwarts (makes me sad)
    Alien Life forms
    Women lacking obscene amounts of pointless banter
    Talking Toys
    the Loch Ness Monster
    the story line of the Matrix
    a racially and culturally peace full/tolerant America

    So you see my point. Sorry, not point.

    A small skim through Jang shows a host of intellectually redundant products for sale…and they do well. B/c we are a society too good for anyone else. Anything that goes wrong here is Just not our fault. It has to be the Americans. Or the Jews! No, wait … it’s the Kryptonians.

    Well at the rate of absurd manure spewing out of our leaders mouths these days, blaming Kryptonians is most likely the next possible blame station they’ll hit.

    Martha Kent will be PISSED.

  • Mohammad Azam Khan

    Dear Friend,
    ‘Nazar lagna’ is a reality, & as the article rightly points out that what happened to believing in God, but then gets lost in traditional methodology – the traditional method from the time of the Prophet Mohammad (S) is to say “Mashaallah” (as Allah has willed), the sight recognizes Allah & its evilness is finished.
    As for the evil eye protector pendant then it is ‘shirk’ (choosing a partner for Allah) – the greatest sin imaginable.

  • Imam Balouch

    Dear Friend

    I will never agree on this Pendulum that it could cancel the NAZAR,this is business only, you can cancel it by different ways,wash your self with WODHOO water (your own wadhoo). or red Ayat-ul-kursi,and qull shareef (last two).or tale 7 paty of barry and crush them on stone with stone, put some water then put at in one bucket drink three sip and bath with the rest (add more water), will clear you from NAZAR.

  • Amina Ansari

    @MAK: Nazar lagna is an excuse formulated by weak individuals who do not take acceptance of the fact that there are external factors outside of their control i.e. fate
    and these same individuals like to displace their own shortcomings on superstitions like nazar. It is a lie

  • Zahra

    @ All, let’s not argue on people’s belief regarding Nazar Lagna or Not Lagna.. The point of my post was the radical idea of the pendent and the way the message is communicated. 🙂

  • Babar Javed

    Controversial Topics + Ability to Post Opinions + Bickering among Commentators = HIGH SITE TRAFFIC 😀

  • Zahra

    @ Babar…Mission Accomplished! 😉

  • Nadia

    ^well done. very funny post. do people in pakistan really believes this nonsense?

  • Zahra Baray

    @ Nadia: Thanks.. It’s not just people in Pakistan…it is people all around the World…..
    There are times when people tend to mean bad and it sometimes affects you but the solution to that, i’d say, is to believe in God rather than a jewellery item.. 🙂

  • Imam Balouch

    Nadia & Zahra

    You know why those types of things become so popular in short period and earn lot by playing with the feelings of the human, the reasons are our ladies they are always ZAIF-AL-ATAQAD.