7 UP – Thumbs Up Advertising – Simpler is Better!

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7Up Thumbs up - Advertising

Just a quick blog post to refresh your minds. I noticed my previous blogs have focused on criticizing adverts but this one’s a little different and I might not like the drink but I like their concept and execution!

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No doubt the ‘Simpler is Better’ advertising must have gone through a strenuous task of coming up with the right communication message and tone for the viewers but I think the ad indeed speaks for the brand. It demonstrates how simpler is actually better. Loved the concept of the refreshing machine and the way the icy water, lemon juice and the normal dryer try to freshen the dude… it develops the perfect brand connection.

Thumbs Up to 7UP indeed for this one… sigh if only I was a fan of their taste I’d just go refresh myself!

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/babarjaved Babar Javed

    Sprite guy is such a coward. I’d still go in the human car wash machine, thats an experience. Not an extra kilo of useless energy clogging my arteries 🙂

  • Zahra Baray

    lol….okay so you’re suggesting that one should simply opt for the human car wash machine with a sprite can in the hand for the same experience that 7-up is promising? not bad 😛

  • shoaib

    will anybody tell me which song is used inthe of this add??? plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .thank you