A Need for Eid Template

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eid mubarak - eid template

Text messages have replaced Eid cards or perhaps the latter was part of childhood days when electronic toys were not equipped with innovative gadgets. That was the charm of school days when a mobile phone used to mean a huge portable machine with a big antenna sticking out and charged incoming calls.

Eid day or during Chand Raat we do get bombarded with Eid messages and lovely greetings of the occasion and we like doing the same … keeping in through our phones. It is somewhat rude not to greet back if you get a message so sign up for an SMS package before it’s late but then you have to keep waiting for signals to be blessed with.

What seems to be lacking these days is the personalized touch when we resort to talking to our machines … the mobile phones and computers we make intermediaries to talk to people and establish an emotional bond with. The same thing happens when most of us forward the same Eid message to our contacts without even correcting it or at times forgetting to change the name at the end of the message, the funny thing is that it actually happens.

Last Eid I got a message from a friend and I realized it was the same text I had got from another person since it had the same grammatical error, when asked, she replied that it was early morning and she was too sleepy to change it. I caught her red handed but then I agree … Eid is like a buffet sleep package when you can get all the sleep you want and you really do get all the sleep you want thanks to your best friend, ‘pillow’ you had missed during work hours. Apparently she had forwarded the same message to several other contacts, “May this Eid brings etc etc …

The most common message this time was, ‘Eid Moo-Barack!’ now this really is a customized message for the Moo enjoying or Barack inflicted nation, quite emotional and personalized I must say.

It really is a market gap not yet capitalized to target mobile phone users who have facilitated over 60 million phone sets sold in Pakistan. There is a huge number of brand loyalists for Nokia, how can they not think about it? Yes … an Eid template, a greeting to match the occasion? Mistake us for being the niche and it’s definitely a marketing opportunity lost. Leadership position should be nurtured and harvested so please come up with an Eid template where we can fill our names. Thank you! 😀

My sister had asked me to type down a nice greeting for her to forward her friends and something which would be quite different from those monotonous messages. “Yep right … for out of the box, silly greeting sentences come to me.” I thought. People actually wait for a nice message to save and later customize it.

This is how third party emotional bonding and occasional greeting will be further nurtured for years to come. Perhaps someday, mobile phone companies would make customized templates and introduce stars and moons, cows and goats and butchers as added features …

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