Intel & Dell Launch Alienware in Pakistan [Event]

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The Dell and Intel Alienware event was held at Avari Towers on the 15th of January 2011. The event was organized  by PC World Pakistan (a part of CIO Pakistan) to officially launch Dell’s Alienware range of Laptops. Dell acquired the Alienware brand in 2006 and has ceased production of its XPS range of Gaming laptops. The whole purpose of the event was to formally launch the Alienware range of laptops and to interact with the blogger community and media personnel.

The event was supposed to start at 17.30 but ended up starting a bit late (which is always the norm in Pakistan). The whole place was decorated in a futuristic style with all sorts of fancy dark lighting. I could barely see as the lighting was quite low. The event started off with a couple of ads on the screen and a scripted voice over announcing the Alienware range of laptops. This was followed by actors in Alien Costumes making their entry. The aliens lent a touch of authenticity to the whole event (even though they were anatomically inappropriate).

This was followed by a very brief presentation and a Q&A session with the audience which ended really fast. It was a bit disappointing not to be able to have a slightly longer session or to find out the prices for the  M15x and M17x laptops with the new Intel® Core i7 mobile processors. The Q&A was followed by an interesting interactive quiz by the MC (Mistress of Ceremonies) Rabia Garib (also the Editor in Chief of CIO Pakistan & PC World Pakistan). This made the event a bit lively and was way better than other events where the people would drone on and on.

The event was graced by the Head Honchos Naveed Siraj ,Country Manager Intel Pakistan and Shahzad Aslam Khan, Country Manager Dell Pakistan.

“Dell Pakistan constantly strives to provide its loyal customers with the best; therefore we are proud to unveil Alienware®. For a growing market, well versed in the high-tech, Alienware® is going to be a breath of fresh air. These machines will take over the local gaming PC market through sheer competence”, said Shahzad Aslam Khan.

Naveed Siraj added, “With this initiative, Intel Pakistan hopes to welcome the New Year with a fixed purpose to introduce more cutting-edge products for our customers. Alienware® featuring the new Intel® Core™ i7 mobile processors will take you even further with features like Intel’s Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies that power through games, multimedia applications and your daily routine all at the same time. The devices, with the help of Intel® Core processors, deliver the ultimate high-definition gaming and entertainment experience. We will continue to engage, interact and support Pakistan’s blogging/online community and help them get the experience they are looking for.”

Three Lucky Winners of the Dell Alienware competition were the first to get a photo opportunity with the Alienware Laptops (though privately I assumed that the winners would be winning an Alienware laptop each).

Overall the event was not as bad as it could have been. Some Bloggers were disappointed that the event was a big let down but I disagree. I thought it was a great way for them to launch their Gaming laptops and they were able to get their point across without wasting too much time. The highlights of the evening were the quiz round and the creepy aliens walking around.


  • Tyrone

    Hi, What I still wanna know is how did those actors breathe in the costumes?

    Overall a good event and I loved the short part of it, you’re right no one can drone on like corporates!

    Good show and good build up with the billboard quiz etc.