A Cure for Cancer? There’s an App for That!

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Ok not quite but you never know. Apps have been great fun over the years but with over 300,000 apps on Apples App Store how many have proved useful for either the customer or a business? With smartphone take up only in its infancy in Pakistan now is a good time for marketers in Pakistan to sit up and pay attention to what’s going on in other markets. Honda’s ads in the UK have always been a little quirky and last night saw the premiere of its new advert for the Jazz called ‘This Unpredictable Life’. As part of the campaign Honda has created an app which allows you to collect the characters shown in the ad by swinging your iphone at the screen.

The app recognises the audio from the ad and then triggers the characters to appear on the users phone. It
also allows you to take a look around the Jazz and leave your details for more information. As cool as the app is, many would argue about its potential for a return on marketing investment. The app is something children would love but not someone looking to buy a car. Yet many of us have at some point had Talking Tom Cat on our phones, so what does that say about consumer behaviour? The most useful app I’ve seen is the Tesco’s grocery app. Bar code scanning apps have been around for a while. You simply scan a barcode using your phone and the app will give you prices based on you locality. However the Tesco app allows you to store the product on our shopping list and when you’re ready to order those products and they’ll be delivered to your door.

As the smartphone market grows in Pakistan companies should be ready to pick up and match what companies in foreign markets are doing.

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