When Was The Last Time You Actually Took Time to Breathe?

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This is the best sentence in the entire “Enjoy the Ride” PSA released and authorized by the Road Safety Council of Western Australia, encouraging motorists to take in the scenery and enjoy every moment with steady and calm driving.

The TV spot never displays aggression towards the viewer as a bad driver that endangers lives, instead it communicates its message with a more proactive and rich approach, one that implores the viewer to live life in and outside the car without haste.

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I like the idea, and really think this ad would do wonders (works for me) in Ramadan time for Pakistan. The careless manner in which motorists drive at the 30 minute mark before Iftaar poses a serious threat all around.

Do you think the Pakistani government (stop laughing) or a private advertising agency (why are you still laughing) could make a difference (or cause viewers to reflect as I did) after watching a more region customized spot?

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    It’s interesting how you knew where your readers would laugh! Good!