Dine at Hardees, Talk Bologna

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The latest ad campaign from Hardees wants diners to live the phrase, “You are what you eat”, and after consuming a Fried Bologna Biscuit, one begins to verbally spew Bologna (pronounced Ba-low-knee). The other more popular use of the term is point out nonsense i.e. “he/she is talking bologna”.

Brilliantly executed in these four new TV spots…

1. The Man with the Teleporting Shower

YouTube Preview Image

2. The Man with Kittens that Speak Fluent English and Cantonese

YouTube Preview Image

3. The Man who everyone with sight, wishes was Invisible

YouTube Preview Image

4. The Man with a BFF Leprechaun named Handsome Pete

YouTube Preview Image

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    It’s pronounced as Buh-loh-nee and not bologna. πŸ˜›