Family Advocate Center Can Help

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A short, wordless, hard hitting (pun not intended) TV spot by Esparza Advertising for the Family Advocate Center.

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Can this be done in Pakistan? And if so, whose willing to step up?

To our female viewers I ask: Do you think this TV Spot would encourage women to make smarter relationship choices, prepare now to empower themselves or seek out help?

To our male viewers I ask: Do you think this TV Spot would encourage abusive husbands/parents (also known as cowards) to think twice before raising a hand?

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  • Hiba Moeen

    Such an advertisement won’t help in Pakistan until women are willing to help themselves … when for the sake of children they let go of their own lives, any awareness created would be useless.

    Advertisements should be brought up at a local level to relate more to the our audience …