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STA Travel is a discount student travel agency that sent three friends, on an amazing journey around the world. See a six-week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute in each video.


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Followers of PakMediaBlog weighed in:

Hira Mazhar, Project Trainee at Johnson & Johnson
“The ads make me want to pack my bags and travel… Though the concept is clichéd but the execution is AWESOME!!! EAT…LEARN… MOVE!! That’s what travelling is all about. And what I love the most about the execution is it doesn’t focus on luxury.. The ads show the essence of every country and that’s what true travelling is all about.. Just letting yourself go and experiencing what every street has to offer rather than travelling in AC cars and staying at 5 star resorts. I love the ‘I want to learn spot’!! I love to travel and that’s exactly what I look for… All in all it is an amazing series of ads, definitely selling the concept and trying a little bit to change people’s perception about travelling.”

Faisal Khan, a UAE based Financial Consultant
“I liked it and I would opt for it, but I thought the execution of the ad was poor. It could have been better and didn’t look good … I’m still wondering what the hell that was”

Nosheen Jaffar, a Lecturer based in Lahore
“I liked it; it does attract on the basis of its video and concept. The video I liked the most was one on food. those dash of vibrant colors and exploration added through food were indeed enticing. The different adventures it explored are also apt like the spirit of the adventure invoked, when one wants to be part of an adventure or travel based show; the desire to virtually transcend distance and become one with the experience of the explorer.”

Zahra Baray, a marketing research executive in Karachi
“The way different food delights are shown is beautifully executed with an east meets west approach with the different plates and cuisines. As far as the ‘on the move’ video is concerned, the photographic display of images was well synchronized with the background music and kept me glued to see the places they’d covered.”

Moaviya Xahid, a Project Trainee at Sociality360
“great idea, people who love to explore new places, learn and explore new cultures will surely love this ad.”

Sidra Farooqi, a Marketing Trainee at Shan Foods
“I like it and would want to do each and everything in that video.. it makes me want to travel the whole world…”


Image Credits: Jehangir Rizvi

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  • Shahmeer Magsi

    Brilliant Campaign! Unfortunately cannot be availed ex-pakistan 🙁