L’Oreal Unleashes TheExpert

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A new campaign by ad agency VCCP for L’Oreal called ‘Men Expert’ has been making the rounds on social networking sites. So far we can interact with the TheExpert on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

TheExpert statement on YouTube page:
“Here’s where shilly shallying and confusion come to die. Got a question? I’ll give you the expert answer, upfront. Beard or Moustache? Beard. Be or not to be? Be. Yacht or jet? Jet. Crisps or nuts? Olives. Cord or denim? Neither”

Of the five planned video’s, these 2 can be viewed on the YouTube page

Photoshop your way to the Perfect Profile Picture

YouTube Preview Image

The Three in One App

YouTube Preview Image

The TV Spot airing in Europe features Hugh Laurie (of House fame)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

He’s poking fun at the over-the-top braggart adverts of Matthew Fox, Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Dempsey released last year

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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