The Aftermath of Aamir Liaqat’s Exposure

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In the aftermath of the revelation of Aamir Liaqats true offscreen persona, I’ve been dealing with fits of laughter and pride out of the witty use of phrases heard in the video.

But before we see the fun stuff, lets see what the Alleged Creator/Distributor of the Video has to say:

YouTube Preview Image

Internet Meme’s

News Media:

1. Sami Shah’s brilliant take on the matter.

2. Ahmer Naqvi NAILS it!

3. George Fulton really gets it.

4. ProPakistani has its say.

Facebook Pages:

1. The awkward moment when Aamir Liaquat asks “Ghalib film dekhi hai ap ne?”

2. Demand for Aamir Liaqat’s Ouster

3. Jee bhai sooratehal bari nazuk hai

4. Dekho ab mein kya karta hun

5. Ghalib Film DeKhi hAi AaapNe ?

On a final note, I’m very proud of all the creativity this extremely unfortunate revelation has brought forward.

For more hilarious images around this and similar themes, check out The Sarri-alist Movement.

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  • Anonymous

    Amir liaquat just might become an even bigger internet sensation than Justin Bieber..

  • Hifzajilani

    LOL. You are so funny! When did this get posted? :/