Top 9 Marketed iPhone Apps of 2011

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As 2010 drew to a close, the then two and a half year old Apple iOS app store had grown to 300,000 unique apps. This was made possible by 62,000 developers churning out everything from utilities, word processors, communication tools, spreadsheets, and games. Tons and tons of games. It pays to know what lies ahead, so these are the top marketed apps for this year.

  • You just know you have a popular game on your hands when movie executives start contacting you. Who doesn’t know the game Angry Birds? Game developers Rovio have spoken out about a possible movie adaptation of the wildly-popular game. This is not the least bit surprising as the game combines features that marketers can only dream about. Addictive gameplay, a soundtrack that you just can’t get out of your head, and unique original characters all add to the game’s appeal.
  • The Tap Tap Revenge series of rhythm games are perfect for tie-ins. A popular marketing tool, celebrity endorsements often don’t add real value for products. Tap Tap Revenge is the exception to this rule. It has now become an outlet for fans who can’t get enough of their favorite artists and bands. This makes the job of marketers a lot easier as most versions of the game sold themselves. All the game developer had to do was keep an eye out for the most popular acts and snap them up.
  • Not all apps are for fun though. The most useful apps have also staked out their claim on this list. One of these is AppBox Pro, an collection of useful tools and utilities that makes life a little bit easier. Featuring handy features like a currency and unit converter, organizer, battery meter, translator, and more. One of the selling point of this top marketed app is a flashlight function. This is most useful for the iPhone in that it uses the built-in flash as source of continuous light. This one feature alone can make a believer out of you the first time it gets you out of a jam.
  • For those looking to maximize every drop of gas they put in their car, Jamie Scott from CreditDonkey says, “besides using a gas credit card, there’s useful apps like Gas Cubby.”  Gas Cubby allows you to track the fuel you put in your car. It can keep tabs on several cars for an entire household. Gas Cubby then calculates your gas consumption based on how far you traveled for every tankful of gas. You can get all these features for free thanks to some clever marketers. You see, Gas Cubby’s business model is based on advertising. As you are using the app, an unobtrusive banner ad is shown up top. These are mostly automotive ads so some can be useful to you. A win-win arrangement.
  • The draw of e-business is really strong as many small business owners are looking to sell in places that are far from their stores. Whether in trade shows, out in the field, in a makeshift booth, or even from the trunk of their cars, sellers need a POS app. This need didn’t go unanswered too long as apps like Square, iPay POS, and Swipe It now allow merchants to do business on the go. With proprietary attachments, these apps can scan credits cards, process orders, and issue receipts.
  • Android users are not left out with Mobile Merchant Pro and Intuit GoPayment. Essentially the same with the iOS offerings, these apps open up options. Now, sellers can market their products everywhere they go with just their mobile phone on hand.
  • With one in seven Americans holding more than 10 credit cards according to a recent CreditDonkey study, keeping track of all this information can be overwhelming. Not to mention an open invitation for identity thieves who are out to prey on compromised data and weak passwords. A strong password has to be long and complicated – not the easiest thing to memorize. Enter the secure wallet apps. If you are tired of juggling random characters, give 1Password a try.
  • Social networking need not stop when you step away from your computer. Mobile versions of Facebook and Twitter are some of the widest-reaching apps there is. Corporate marketers are wisening up to this trend. They now see social networking as just another avenue to bombard them us with ads. Good thing you are still in control of accepting their requests for them to be able to reach you.
  • Maps are useful on so many levels. Some map apps like Google Maps are able to track where you are and suggest restaurants and activities. A marketer’s dream, this mobile services allow them to pitch to specific audiences. This opens bigger chances for sales if they do the matching right.

This list is extensive, but it’s far  from complete. But only you can determine the perfect app for you – for your particular usage. So the last place is deserved for that one special app that will make your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device complete.

Jamie Scott is a social media advocate with the consumer credit site, CreditDonkey. She's an avid fan of apps and marketing.