Army of Awesome by Mozilla Firefox

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Army of Awesome Mozilla Firefox

If you are a Twitterholic and spend your most of the time using Twitter, you will love this. Mozilla has made a community via Twitter to help millions of Firefox users around the globe; it’s called the Army of Awesome. This is a crowd enabled community model introduced by Mozilla Firefox, where any Firefox user can ask a question or answer them.

How It Works:

In order to using the Army of Awesome, you either have to use the hashtag #fxhelp directly via Twitter or go to the “Army of Awesome’s” URL by simply clicking here.

Every Day, millions of Firefox users use #fxhelp hashtag to get connected to the Army of Awesome’s community across the globe. The community helps each other regarding issues about Firefox addons, best features, troubleshooting, bugs, etc. If you know the answer to any of the question-tweets at the Army of Awesome’s page, you can simply click “REPLY” on the bottom right corner for a reply box.

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If you’re a pro-Firefox user, you’ll love this service as it provides users with a platform to get connected and help the Firefox community.  It’s a great move by Firefox, that might lead the browser to get a higher market share.

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